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Enter Azure SQL Connection String in App Settings w/ PowerShell

I've deployed an Azure Web App and Azure SQL Database using PowerShell. At the moment I have the following code with a dummy value that sets a sql connection string for my web app: $connectionStrings =...
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How to configure IIS 10 to read from local SQL database file?

I have been trying to deploy original ASP .NET Web Application using MVC template with authentication via a local SQL database file. So far, I am able to get it to work on my computer. When I publish ...
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Can I use failover partner in the connection string for non-mirroring SQL server set up?

I have set up two SQL server instance with IPs say x.x.x.x and y.y.y.y. On the application level when specifying connection to SQL server, can I specify the connection string as below <connection-...
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IIS not picking up inherited connection strings

So this question is a duplicate of: IIS 7.5 - why my config file is not picked up but there was no answer on there and IIS Connection String not being inherited had an answer but the accepted answer ...
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Failover_Partner connection in file DSN not working

I have an application which uses file DSNs to connect to a central database server. This database server is mirrored onto a secondary server, and in the event of a failover, it is my understanding ...
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nodejs postgresql database connection string

Is there a way where I can specify(include) both the master and slave server in nodejs db (postgresql) connecetion string in a replicated envirnment? My aim is 'if master is down then the read/write ...
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Trouble Publishing an MVC4 site on HostGator

I have been working on a C# MVC4 website and trying to publish it to a Host Gator shared Windows hosting account. They are running both MSSQL 2008 and mySql. We have run into some trouble when trying ...
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ASP.NET Application Connection String and SQL Server Security / Permissions

I am deploying an ASP.NET application and SQL Server (2008) database on a live (production) server. The physical server is running both SQL Server 2008 and IIS 7 - it is provided by a hosting company ...
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Which is more secure - windows authentication or encrypted config sections?

I recently had this discussion with a colleague. We need to secure the connection strings that are in our .config files (for SOX compliance) and found two options: Encrypt the connection string ...
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Does the password get sent in the clear when connecting to Sql-Server?

I was asked this today and I honestly did not know the answer. If you connect using a connection string without sspi to a server is there any way a 3rd party can intercept on the wire the password ...
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How can I figure out my LDAP connection string?

We're on a corporate network thats running active directory and we'd like to test out some LDAP stuff (active directory membership provider, actually) and so far, none of us can figure out what our ...
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what's the port number of mysql

I'm trying to connect mysql with, I've already downloaded the mysql connector-net. And installed it. But I don't know what is the port number , server address of mysql. Its needed in the ...
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SQL Server 2008 login problem with ASP.NET application: Failed to open the explicitly specified database

I am running SQL Server 2008 Express Edition on Windows Server 2008 with an ASP.NET application which must access the server. The ASP.NET application is associated with an application pool that runs ...
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