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Creating a seperate static content site for IIS7 and MVC

With reference to this serverfault blog post: A Few Speed Improvements where it talks about how static content for stackexchange is served from a separate cookieless domain... How would someone go ...
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Google Analytics setting cookies on static content despite being on entirely separate domain

I recently decided to comply with the YSlow recommendation that static content is hosted on a cookieless domain. As I already use the root of my domain ( to host my website—on which ...
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varnish serving static files from subdomains for better page load speed

Optimizing page load speed practices include to load static assets, like images, css, js, from subdomains, so to increase performance, by using cookieless domains, but most importantly by having ...
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How to configure cookieless virtual host in Apache2?

We run over a hundred web applications (growing daily) on a LAMP stack using Apache2 on Ubuntu 10.04. We've would like all requests to static content to be cookieless. We host applications on many ...
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Cannot get IIS7 to send cookies to IE

I have a web application that I have created that uses the basic authentication. The authentication systems are working fine code-wise, however I cannot get IIS7 to send the cookies to IE web ...
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Nginx - Serve static content from a cookieless domain

I'm using the "page speed" extension for Firebug to try to optimise a website and I'm currently working on the following suggestion: "Serve static content from a cookieless domain". I have created a ...
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cookieless site in IIS

how can i set site in iss so that it will be cookieless? i'm using asp and not thanks
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Stripping cookies from image files?

I want to achieve cookie free image serving as discussed here : I have created a new sub-domain "static.example....
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Creating cookieless application on development machine with

I am thinking about setting up a new domain to host static content on my website and have it cookieless just like Stackoverflow with their static domain. So before going ahead and buying the domain ...
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Web Server Scripting Hack to Maintain State and Keep a Domain Cookieless

I am looking for a solution on a LAMP server to keep a site cookieless such as "", where static content is served from "", and with rules in place to rewrite requests for "...
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What is a cookie-free domain?

What is a cookie-free domain? I've seen these words many times but I never understood what it is.
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Is it possible to set a folder as Cookieless in IIS7?

Is it possible to define a particular folder to be cookieless in IIS7, instead of just the root?
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