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Mounting a server upside down in a rack [closed]

So, I'm planning on building a server using some high-end components (Epyc 9654 with a lot of RAM). In order to let it run optimally, I'm considering a water-cooled solution to cool the CPU. Since AIO ...
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Passive cooling options for server room in case of extended power outage

My company is moving into a large warehouse with a high roof (with large generally-open doors for trucks and forklifts) with an existing server room with a split-system airconditioner, and will be ...
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Server Fans Never Slow Down After Speeding Up

I have a server motherboard in a large tower case with several hard disks installed. It's basically a media server that serves over CIFS. I'm using the 'sensors' command on Linux to monitor the system ...
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Replacement fan for a T&T 6020H12S NF1 (0.16A/12VDC/3 wire) [closed]

I have a DVR unit that is over 10 years old and the cooling fan is going out. The current cooling fan is a T&T 6020H12S NF1 (0.16A/12VDC/3 wire). I cannot find this fan at all searching the ...
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Increasing chassis fan speeds?

I have a rack-type server whose motherboard is ASUS Z11PG-D16 Series (according to lshw). ipmitool reports 7 front fans, and I would like to increase their speeds. Is there any way to do that? ...
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Is it true that higher delta T (outsideT - insideT) will in HVAC systems will result in lower power usage?

I have been comparing our server room logs for power usage, compressor usage, and outside temperature and I'm not sure if something is wrong with my understanding how these systems work, or if ...
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Does the power consumed by an air conditioner adds to the total heat generation in a server room?

I have to size up the air conditioning in my server room. I have calculated a total load of all the power consuming equipment in my server room, i.e. servers, networking devices, SAN, lighting, UPS, ...
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Hardware Checks after Air Conditioning Failure

We had an overnight air conditioning failure. We discovered that the temperature in the server room had reached about 110-115°F (43-46°C). We powered off everything that hadn't already and had the A/C ...
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Server advice for a newbie [closed]

I'm new to serverfault, and server computers in general, and I got a few questions. Forgive me, they're quite basic, but I'd like the clarity. So, lately I've been doing quite a few CPU intensive ...
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HP DL380p Fans run 100% as soon as OS Loads

Sounds like a 747 taking off. I have 2 exactly the same, bought used. Has P420i RAID controller, 64GB RAM, 3 500GB SSD, each in its own RAID0 array, and 2 - 2TB Seagate Firecuda hybrid drives in ...
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Server corrosion, air conditioning and climate control

We made the unfortunate discovery that our servers in our in-office server room are rusting away. This came to light after the first one had failed. One obvious candidate is the AC unit, that ...
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Random CPU and case fan speed up to maximum

Motherboard: ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16 RAM: Kingston KVR16R11D4K4/64 CPUs: Intel Xeon E5-2670 x2 CPU coolers: Noctua NH-U12DXi4 x2 Case fans: Noctua NF-F12 x6 I have had the system for about a month. ...
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Estimate power and cooling for server room

We are trying to determine the right power and cooling for a new server room which would be about 350 sq ft., our power is 220V. We are initially only planning to start with a single rack with ...
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Is there a best placement of hot hardware in a rack to maximize convection cooling for the whole rack?

To maximize convection cooling in a rack, does it make a difference whether the hottest items are at the top or bottom? If so, which produces the most cooling and why? Please limit answers to ones ...
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Where to find high/critical temperatures for GPU?

I am looking for a database that has high and critical temperatures listed for CPU's and GPU's, or a tool that will be able to extract this information. Google is filled with 'my gpu runs at 63C, is ...
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Has anyone purchased an AcoustiRack?

Looking for first hand experience with an AcoustiRack. Noise is fairly important. The main concern is heat. The unit will have a few Dell servers r510, r620, VRTX fully loaded, 2 APC UPS 2200va. ...
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Cooling Solution for CCTV Rack

I'll do my best to provide a clear question. I'm not a network/server guy...just a young controls/systems engineer who knows enough to be dangerous :) My company is working on a major controls ...
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In a 42U server rack with 12 very hot 2U-nodes, what is a good configuration? All nodes at the top or bottom?

Currently we cannot fill the 19" rack completely. So we have 12 GPU nodes, 2U each. The 42U rack is connected to a cooling unit that blows cold air in front of the computers, sucking in hot air from ...
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Upgrading CPUs for my HP G5 DL380 - will the cooling suffice?

Just a month ago or so, I bought my first rack server for some personal number crunching. It's been great fun playing around with and I'm thinking about upgrading the CPUs to get more bang for the ...
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Poweredge 1950 iii SO LOUD with 8gb fb-dimm stick [duplicate]

I understand that the 1950 family is pretty notorious for the fan speed sound like a jet engine taking off. I just flashed the bios to the latest version, and now it can support my 8x8gb FB-DIMMS! ...
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Exhausting Heat in Server Rack

I was recently provided a 4 post Server Rack/Cabinet (48U) to fit all my equipment cleanly. One of the items they provided was a Tripp Lite Rackmounted A/C Unit (SRCOOL7KRM). This was truly Awesome ...
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Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switches - Can I reverse the air flow?

I have some equipment that will be moved to a new datacenter soon. At the current datacenter, the switches are mounted in the back of the racks so the air flow for the switches is reverse in ...
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Server Room Temperature Control

We have a makeshift server room that contains a rack with half a dozen servers and some network equipment. The room is cooled by a dual-hose portable a/c unit that is vented into the attic. At this ...
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