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QEMU SMP options

I'm trying to understand the QEMU smp option. Currently I have set it to: smp 4 As far as I understand that should create 4 vCPU (with 1 core and 1 thread I suppose). Would it be better for ...
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What is the actual meaning of a "C" suffix in a 2nd generation Scalable Xeon CPU (Platinum, Gold, etc)

I have an HP Z6 Workstation with a Xeon Gold 6253CL CPU (purchased from eBay) and I would like to upgrade it to a dual-CPU configuration. I have added the 2nd CPU riser card but, for selecting the ...
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Can CPUs run with constant boosted speed?

My default AWS server CPU speed is 2.5GHz but somehow I did manage to boost it to 3.1GHz. However, when I run watch -n.1 'cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i mhz' they are not constantly working with 3.1GHz. ...
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Obtaining the CPU L2 shared memory percentual of usage on Linux machine

On Linux based systems, how can I estimate or maybe read the CPU L2 shared memory % of usage?
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How to detect AWS EC2 architecture from inside?

Assuming we have instance running, what can we run on that instance to detect whether it's x86_64 or graviton-based/ARM? I thought about curl -s but found ...
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IBRS suffix of CPU models in QEMU

What is the difference between the IBRS suffix and no-suffix CPU models in QEMU? Which one should I choose?
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Any way to migrate AWS T3 x64 to T4G ARM?

Is there any easy way to migrate from aws x64 to arm arch? like without configuring a new arm based server and installing packages and file? it is currently running with Amazon linux AMI, we wish to ...
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Does Minikube (or Kubernetes) need CPU-virtualisation instructions to orchestrate Docker containers?

I am looking to learn Kubernetes, specifically from this resource. I only want to run Docker containers, rather than full-fat VMs. It says that I need any of these as a base from which to work: ...
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Understanding Intel HTT

System 1: Notebook Detect the installed CPU: $ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" | head -1 model name : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz The data sheet says: no. of Cores 2 no. of ...
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How to publish Docker images built for different architectures in Docker HUB?

I have a container that is built on top of debian:jessie (there is some openssl compilation and some custom stuff). I want my image to be launchable on different architectures, for example on "normal" ...
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Ideal Number of Ram sticks for a Xeon Silver 4114

A Skylake-based Intel Xeon Silver 4114 CPU can access up to 6 DDR4-2400 memory sticks at once. It has two memory controllers with three channels per controller for a total of six memory channels. ...
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cpufrequency on Debian 8 (Jessie)

I'm running a database benchmark (TPC-H) and because of this, I need my processor not to have variable-speed. I know there are modes: Powersave Conservative Ondemand Usespace Performance On S.O. Red ...
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When to use X2Apic Mode?

I am setting up a new server (PowerEdge T130) for a small business, running Windows Server Essentials 2016. It will be used as a file server, AV, domain controller and has some SQL databases. I know ...
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CPU core id values not contiguous

I am trying to understand the "core_id" sequence reported. My machine has 2 sockets, 20 cores and hyperthreading enabled (80 CPU). I am looking at the "core_id" values which are reported using: root@...
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is it possible to run process that use only 2 CPU from 16 CPU in my linux machine

is it possible to run process that use only 2 CPU from 16 CPU in my linux machine we have red-hat machine version 6 and we have 16 CPU but because license cost money and if we limit the script that ...
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Set custom cpu string for qemu/kvm

I have some virtual machines with software, which licensing check depends on cpu string. They're running on kvm - with default cpu string value - which is QEMU Virtual CPU version 1.7.1 After ...
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Upgrading CPU AMD Socket F [closed]

I was wondering if it were possible to upgrade an Opteron 2356, to an Opteron 8439SE? Both can use Socket F(r2/Fr5/Fr6), but I'm a little nervous about the quad core to hex core move.... Thank you ...
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Do We Need To Use Identical CPUs to Configure OpenStack For the First Time?

In terms of CPUs and OpenStack configuration does all the following solutions hold? All CPUs need to be identical (e.g., XEON E5). CPUs can be from the same vendor and family; but with different ...
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Can RHEL5/CentOS5 be run on Intel Haswell-EP (E5-26XX V3) CPUs?

We need to upgrade the hardware on some of our CentOS 5.11 servers. From Redhat's Intel CPUs and Supported RHEL Versions page, I see that the E5-26XX V2 CPUs are supported. However, the E5-26XX V3 (...
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Amazon G2 not giving a much better computing performance than my laptop CPU [closed]

I have a Java console application that performs Reed-Solomon error correction on large volumes of data (~700 MB at a time), just to test performance. The application is multithreaded, I can see it ...
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What are the performance implications of Hyper-threading for single Nehalem+ CPU? [duplicate]

I am choosing between two models of servers, the major difference between them being the the availability of Hyper-Threading. Servers in question are SYS-E32-1 and SYS-E32-3 from So you Start (an OVH ...
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Emulating a different CPU architecture per a VM on VMware ESXI

I currently have a VMWare ESXI server. We plan on having some build machines for compiling and testing software however we've run into a problem. All of the CPUs that the software will end up ...
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Will dual CPU servers run with one failed?

Do dual CPUs on a modern server actually provide redundancy? If one fails can the server be rebooted and run on the remaining CPU? In the past I have come across the case where CPU 0 always had to ...
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Why is a 32bit OS limited to 4 GigaBytes of RAM? [closed]

What I don't understand is where the 4 GigaBytes comes from. Most of the articles I read say that 2^32bits = 4 GigaBytes, but this doesn't seem correct given that 8 bits = 1 byte. For a 32 bit OS: 2^...
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Understanding CPU related output displayed by lshw

I am trying to understand the meaning of some of the CPU related output provided by lshw. $ sudo lshw -class processor *-cpu description: CPU product: Intel(R) ...
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No architecture vs architecture-specific binaries

From what I understand, the noarch suffix means that it's architecture independent and should work universally. If this is the case, why should I install architecture-specific packages at all? Why not ...
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Multi-Architectures and Their Binaries

Why is there a /usr/lib and a /usr/lib32 directory but only a /usr/bin and no /usr/bin32 directory on a AMD64 64-bit-install of Ubuntu? If or when Debian/Ubuntu start supporting multi-target-...
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Why do I need six cores in a cpu for a server? [closed]

I was getting specs for dell server and one cpu is an Intel Xeon with 6 cores, another 4 cores. What am I getting with this? Do I need six cores? What does that give me? I don't know what mult-...
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Detect CPU Vendor on OSX

So, I considered asking here instead of SO because people here are more likely to be familiar with this stuff. I'm currently using PHP to detect some generic stuff on the host OS. In this case, I'm ...
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Converting from 32-bit Linux to 64-bit LInux -- Amazon Web Services EC2 cloud server -- Import AMI

My client would like to upgrade from our current development 32-bit server to a much larger server running on a 64 bit platform. I'd very much so like to just import a snapshot of my current server's ...
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So really, what is the overhead of virtualization and when should I be concerned?

I'm searching for good rules of thumb to understand when NOT to virtualize a machine. For example, I know that a fully CPU-bound process with near 100% utilization is probably not a good idea to ...
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Hyperthreading vs. SQL Server & PostgreSQL

I have read that hyperthreading is a "performance killer" when it comes to DBs. However, what I read didn't state which CPUs. Further, it mostly indicated that I/O was "cut to < 10% performance". ...
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Install correct libraries depending on 64/32 bit

I am using Bash to install a customised version of JBoss, and one of the things I would like to do is install the correct version of the Apache Portable Runtime, which is a native binary. This script ...
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IBM x3200 M2 and chaning the CPU

As my server IBM x3200 M2 and CPU (E4600) does not have VT-x for virtualization (I would like to virtualize Windows in XenServer), may I substitute this CPU for some core2duo or core2quad that ...
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What is the difference between the C0 and E0 stepping in the Intel Xeon 5400 family of processors?

My primary question is in the title, and can be answered as simply as that. However, I think some background information may be relevant. I'm doing some research into upgrading one of our three year ...
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which Intel CPU is faster?

I'm talking to a representative of a hardware company trying to sell me a new server and he's adamant that the E5504 CPU which is a Quad core 2Ghz with 4mb cache would be faster than our existing ...
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What is a dual-core processor and how is it different form single core? [closed]

In what ways are dual-core processors different from single core processor ? Are dual core processors different form multi-processors ? If yes, then how ? What are logical and physical CPUs ?
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How can Linux run on different microprocessors?

How can Linux run on different microprocessors? Is the Linux kernel being compiled at installation each time?
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How does Windows 2008 R2 run 32-bit applications?

If 32-bit processor support is disabled in Windows Server 2008 R2, how does the operating system run 32-bit programs?
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