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How can I export the privileges from MySQL and then import to a new server?

I know how to export/import the databases using mysqldump & that's fine but how do I get the privileges into the new server. For extra points, there are a couple of existing databases on the new ...
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MySQL 5.5.16 allows anonymous connections

Apparently, I can connect to MySQL (at least from my localhost) without having to provide any username or password. I can even put anything as username, as long as the password is empty. I have access ...
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13 answers

Linux knowledge a Junior cannot miss [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What a beginner should know/learn for sysadmin job? I am soon going to be graduating from college, and am looking for job offers right now. There is one that I have a lot of ...
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Deleting huge chunks of data from mysql innodb

I need to delete a huge chunk of my data in my production database, which runs about 100GB in size. If possible, i would like to minimize my downtime. My selection criteria for deleting is likely to ...
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What can user do with VIEW SERVER STATE permissions?

In SQL Server 2008 there is a permissions VIEW SERVER STATE. What rights this permission give to user? What SQL Server mean by SERVER STATE?
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5 answers

Modifying columns of very large mysql tables with little or no downtime

I periodically need to make changes to tables in mysql 5.1, mostly adding columns. Very simple with the alter table command. But my tables have up to 40 million rows now and they are growing fast... ...
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2 answers

Any way to copy the schema from one MySQL database to another?

I have a MySQL database that contains almost 100 tables. I want to set up N additional MySQL databases on the same server, each running on a different port. And I want each additional database to ...
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SQL Server variable size and increase it

It is not clear to me how a varchar(max) is declared or used in an SQL Server e.g. 2005 Is a variable declared as varchar(300000) for example considered as a varchar(max)? E.g. I am seeing in a DB in ...
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Moving MySQL Data from 1 RDS server to another

How do I go about moving certain data (returned by a simple query) from one database in AWS' RDS to another? An interruption of up to 20 mins is acceptable, although not preferred. My current plan ...
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SQL 2005 Database Not Accessible

I've moved a database from sql 2000 to a new 2005 server. Everything was fine until I logged into Sql Server Management studio with one particular user. It looks like i logged in successfully but when ...
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How to expose multiple databases in local network for other applications to connect with them

I am following up this question here, in which I made the incorrect assumption of being able to access a database using HTTP. Because I seem to lack conceptual knowledge, I would like to ask a more ...
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Connect to and reindex Postgres database with system table errors

I've got a Postgres database that crashed (as well as the disk) and suffered some data errors (per After DB disk failure, now "cache lookup failed for index"). The initial problem seems to ...
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