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Promotion Windows Server 2019 to domain controller takes a week?

Setup first: I had a Windows Server 2008 domain for testing. The PDC died a horrible death, I was able to seize most FSMO roles (but not all) and drop them on another DC, but missed the RID Master ...
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DCPromo Semaphore Timeout

I am trying to Promote a new server to an existing domain using server 2016 but I keep getting an error message stating " The wizard cannot access the list of domains in the forest. The error is: The ...
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Attempting to reconfigured DC that was tombstoned and is offline - 'Delete Domain' in dcpromo?

We have a DC (BDC2) that a former SysAdmin was trying to set up so we could decommission an older DC. This DC was mostly set up, and then abandoned (IE, it was sitting shelved on a VM that was turned ...
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Migrate Windows Server 2008 configuration to Windows Server 2008

I've already taken a look at these questions: Migrate Windows Server 2008 to another server Migrate Windows Server 2008 to a new hard disk Migrate Windows Server 2008 to a new hard disk 2 But I don'...
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New ADDS server prompts users for new passwords, but says it is incorrect, users can only log in with old password

My organization used to have a Windows 2000 Server Ed. Domain Controller with DNS role also installed. It serviced 5 other servers and about 15 workstations. A few months ago, the motherboard went ...
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Server 2012 Can't Promote Domain Controller - Can't join domain

Running in to an issue at a new location with promoting a new domain controller. We will call the new server "newserv". Error is - "An Active Directory domain controller for the domain "mydomain" ...
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Cannot promote Windows Server 2012 R2 to Domain Controller at a new site. "The wizard cannot gain access to the list of domains in the forest."

I'm opening a new site (physical and logical) in my international Windows domain. The site is connected to the main office by a VPN over a slow connection (I'm using pfsense as my main router and ...
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Windows Server promote to Domain Controller succeeded and failed?

Edit: Ignore this post. It turns out I'm having other problems, even with another brand new install of Windows Server 2012 R2 on a different physical box. So I'm pretty sure there is a different ...
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Safe to demote & rebuild AD replica running exchange?

We have two Windows 2008 r2 servers. One is located in house which runs all domain logins, resources, file sharing etc. The second server is a AD replica which is remotely hosted at our Datacenter ...
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Unattended DCPromo creating new domain fails as user is not domain admin [closed]

I have installed Windows Server 2003 and am trying to make it a DC on a new domain. It works ok if I use the wizard, but when I try to use an answer file, it says 'An AD domain controller for the ...
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dcpromo prerequisites for Active Directory preparation failed

Cannot promote a new Server 2012 R2 server to domain controller on an existing domain. The prerequisites check fails. Verification of prerequisites for Active Directory preparation failed. Unable to ...
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Demoted Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller remote desktop services not responding on external interfaces

I have removed all member servers from a single domain A. I have demoted the single Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller (old dc). Windows firewall is disabled and remote desktop (termserv) ...
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Does a DCPROMO move FSMO roles automatically?

There's seems to be a fair bit of conflicting information out there - and although I have never tried this personally (have always manually moved the FSMO roles to a new DC prior to demotion) and ...
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Cannot delete orphaned domain with ntdsutil

I have a problem deleting an orphaned subdomain from a Windows Server 2008 R2 AD. The situation is as follows: dcpromo failed in demoting the only DC of the subdomain. The DC was therefore demoted ...
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