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Unix password sync with Samba 4 on Debian

I am trying to setup unix password sync with my Samba 4 on Debian 12 (bookworm). This should have been straightforward, but I just can't make it to work. Has anyone managed to set this up correctly? ...
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Debian 12 Bookworm running OpenSSH_9.2 only allows rsa-sha2-512, rsa-sha2-256 and ssh-rsa server host key algorithms

On a Debian 12 Bookworm (running OpenSSH_9.2), which was recently upgraded from Debian 11, only the rsa-sha2-512, rsa-sha2-256 server host key algorithms are available by default. Setting ...
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Transferrring Remmina credentials to another machine

Looks like time has come to change to an i9 processor and an NVMe drive and to drop my old Debian 11 to a brand new 12 installation. As far as I understand the preferred way for migration from Debian ...
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Postgrey logging options

I am running Debian 12, Postfix with Postgrey. I can not seem to get Postgrey to log to mail.log. I am using syslog-ng, was using rsyslog. I have mail pointing to the mail.log file and inside /etc/...
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neutron.plugins.ml2.drivers.openvswitch.agent.ovs_neutron_agent [-] Bridge enp125s0f0 for physical network provider does not exist. Agent terminated

My operating system is Debian 12. I deployed openstack cluster with two nodes, controller34 is control node, worker35 is work node, no extra network node, my network planning is work node and network ...
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Broadcom BCM5720 Debian Bookworm

I have a problem on a Lenovo SR650 server. I installed Debian 12, with kernel 6.1.0-15 and all firmware packages for the Broadcom BCM5720 network interface. The interfaces are recognized but there is ...
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Debian 12: can't get ClamAV to listen on TCP 3310

ClamAV seems to have a bug on Debian 12 (bookworm) making it difficult to get it listening on TCP 3310. I tried the two approaches described in
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Stuck with DHCP option 43/60 with ISC

if´ve already checked the existing threads for option 43, but I don´t get it for my case. I want to implement a thin-client auto-registration in our productive thin-client subnet - and I´m not DHCPD ...
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Where is some os logs in Debian 12

It seems that some of the system log files (/var/log/syslog, /var/log/auth.log, /var/log/kern.log, ...) have been removed in the latest version of Debian, Debian Bookworm. What should be done to ...
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Debian 12 (bookworm) from iPXE

I used this guide to setup my iPXE server: It is set up on a virtual Ubuntu (20.4.6) desktop system and, after some testing, it works perfectly for PXE ...
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Failed to start dbus.serviuce and dbus.socket

I have a Debian Bokworm Server which was migrated from bare metal to a Proxmox VM and then single services lock docker were migrated to their own VMs. I uninstalled for example all the docker content ...
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How to set default disk image format in Cockpit/QEMU

I create my virtual machines on Debian 12 with Linux Cockpit 287-1 which uses QEMU/KVM for virtualization. If I create a VM, the default disk format is always in RAW-format. However, due to some ...
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How can I configure my DNS settings on Debian 12?

I'm trying to change my DNS settings on my Debian 12 VPS, and by this I mean, I want to use a public resolver like instead of my VPS host's resolver. I remember in Debian 11 I could just edit ...
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NGINX 1.22.1 not correctly sending request round robin

Debian: 12 Nginx: 1.22.1 Goal Have Nginx route request to each server in a round robin fashion What is happening Nginx is only routing request to the first server no matter what What the expected ...
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Exim, Debian 12 (bookworm): Tainted '..Maildir/' (file or directory name for maildir_local_delivery transport) not permitted

I have this Exim transport that works just fine on Debian 10: maildir_local_delivery: driver = appendfile group = mail maildir_format = true create_directory = true directory = /home/${...
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Debian 12 (bookworm): Installing a software RAID 1 fails with grub error

For a while I have been trying to set up a new server system with a RAID 1 as boot source. That RAID consists of two 4TB Harddisks. So I boot from an USB stick that I have prepared with the ...
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How to set up OMSA on Dell T610 with Debian 12 based OS (Proxmox VE 8.0)

Dedicated server noobie here. I have a proxmox server on a new (to me) Dell T610. I have a couple of disks in a RAID array that I will expand soon, but for that I read that the Ctrl+R RAID BIOS is not ...
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AppArmor issues with Libvirt

I have a fresh Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 and Debian 12.1.0 installed and updated. Along with Cockpit and Cockpit virtual machines on both tests machines. I am getting the following errors and warning when ...
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Debian bookworm installation software raid grub fails with dummt error

On a server I'm trying to install Debian Bookworm with software RAID1 with three disks. I'm following this guide. Three disks have been configured to use RAID and I've setup the RAID1 device as in the ...
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Firewalld fails on completely new Debian 12 server

My Debian 12 Bookworm VPS was running firewalld 1.3.0-1 without problems. Due to unrelated issues, I had to rebuild the server, and now firewalld fails. I use ansible, so the configuration should be ...
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