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NTFS Defrag fails - master file table is too fragmented. (0x89000023)

Issue: MFT is to fragmented to be defragmented OS: Windows Server 2016 The goal was to shrink a volume/partition to make room for a separate data section, but the question comes down to: any known ...
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Is it safe to defragment a file that's being used?

On Windows with NTFS, is it safe to defragment files that are currently being written to and read from other processes? I believe I may be hitting into an issue with an extremely fragmented large ...
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How to cancel btrfs defragmentation

How can I cancel a btrfs defragmentation? With btrfs fi balance / you can use btrfs balance cancel /. I can find no option for defragmentation. How can I safely cancel?
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Is Windows able to run Disk Optimize with SQL Server running?

I've just inherried a SQL Server, where the database file growth was set to 1MB. So there are a lot of databases (>25) that have grown in small increments until now (currently totalling 300 GB). So I ...
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Disable Disk Fragmentation Analysis - Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

I have been asked to look into disabling the fragmentation analysis that Windows performs automatically for one of our servers. I have verified that the Disk Defrag tool shows automatic ...
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defrag /x - consolidate free space not really working - Windows Server 2012

I am trying to shrink my 300GB partition. There is just 50GB used. So I ran defrag c: /x which should consolidate free space ("Free-space consolidation is useful if you need to shrink a volume, and it ...
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Should I defrag RAID Array with SSD caching(Intel SRT)? [closed]

I have an SSD in system and a RAID 0 array with SSD caching turned on(Intel SRT or Intel Smart Response Tech.). Should i defrag it? Also have a problems with windows defragmentator. It detects my ...
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Windows Server 2012 R2 : Drive C: gets fragmented very quickly

We are running Windows Server 2012 R2 with the Hyper-V role installed. I have discovered that the host's volume C: get's fragmented very quickly (about 4% in only 1h). Our SCOM configuration ...
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Defrag options in Windows Server 2012

I am looking at the command line options for defrag.exe as well as the "ScheduledDefrag" task on Windows Server 2012, and I don't understand some of the arguments. In particular, when I view defrag /?...
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Need to stop SQL Server when using Disk Defragmenter?

Our provider told me today that I should stop Microsoft SQL Server and other database systems like MySQL when using the Windows Disk Defragmenter. Otherwise, the database might get corrupted. Since ...
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Remotely force a defragmentation

First, the computers are of around 21 Win 7 Machines and 29 Win XP machines. The DC is a Win2k8 server and the Mail server is Win2k3 I need to force a remote defragmentation on roughly 50 computers. ...
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VMplayer Virtual Disk Shrinking/Compacting/Defragmenting

I am using VMplayer on Windows 7 and 2008 R2. Inside the guest OS, in VMware tools, there is a "Prepare to shrink" option on the "Shrink" tab. In the host VMplayer menu there is "Defragment" and ...
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Is Weekly Online Defrag of SBS 2003 Exchange Store Frequent Enough?

(this post is a bit lengthy, so advTHANKSance for those who who stick with it to the end) I have a client whose SBS 2003 server suddenly started crashing every night. The symptoms of the crash ...
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what's a reliable and fast defrag for Win2k8/IIS7 server?

We inherited several Win2k8/II7 that host about 40 websites each. The drives are nearly full at all times, and while we're working on moving a lot of files to the Amazon S3, files are constantly ...
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2 answers

Can a tmpfs become fragmented?

Since a tmpfs exists only in memory, can it become fragmented like memory can? Are there mechanisms to automatically defragment the memory, and thus increase - even slightly - the access speed of ...
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Copy File Contiguously to Disk from OSX/Unix/Linux to FAT32 FS?

So the Sysinternals guys have that cool contig.exe utility that allows me ensure a file is contiguous. I need to copy overs ISO files to a FAT32 USB flash key. Grub4DOS requires the files be ...
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Microsoft exchange maintenance plan kills the server every night

I believe I have a server with faulty hardware. I think it's the motherboard, because I've tested the RAM, but anyway, I'll explain what happens. My exchange server has 1 Private store (13GB), 1 ...
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Server Harddrive Defragment

We have a database server with U2 installed on a windows 2003 server with RAID5 setup. I'm wanting to use Diskkeeper to defragment the different partitions. Has anyone ever ran into any issues or data ...
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How do I move the physical location of $MFTMirr, to allow resizing the partition?

When an NTFS volume is created, the first four entries of the MFT are copied and placed halfway the volume in the $MFTMirr file. According to Microsoft, since XP these files (metadata files) can be ...
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It is possible move a specific file to the beginning of the disk?

It is possible move a specific file to the beginning of the disk? I want to move my virtual machine disk files (virtual disk) to the beginning of the disk to improve disk access performance. I believe ...
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NETAPP Fragmentation

We all know that once a disk (or storage system for that matter) gets introduced into use, the performance degrades due to fragmentation of files. This seems to be why disk defragmentors are in ...
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Offline defragmentation of Exchange 2003 mail store

What is the best way to run offline defragmentation of Exchange 2003 mail store if you don't have enough disk space on the server. Can you attach an external drive and store the temporary defrag file ...
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