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Multiple VM deployment via GCP Deployment Manager

What I want to achieve: I want to be able to create multiple VM instance using AWX playbook or Deployment Manager. The script will read instance configuration in a csv uploaded to gcloud or bitbucket, ...
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GCP deployment to create storage bucket fails on missing storage.buckets.get access

I want to create a cloud storage bucket programatically using deployment manager, but the deployment fails with the following error: ERROR: (gcloud.deployment-manager.deployments.create) Error in ...
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1 answer

Binding Workload Identity service-account to a GKE service-account with Deployment Manager?

I've enabled Workload Identity on our GKE cluster. Now I'm deploying an app to GKE which uses WI to authenticate to another Google service. I've already used Deployment Manager to create an IAM ...
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GCP Deployment Manager: where to find a reference guide to properly create YAML config and template files?

I started working with Google Cloud Deployment Manager upon request of a client, using YAML config files, but I can't find anywhere how to map the reference shown in
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Is there any way to find Time taken for features in Deployment manager to get available on Terraform?

Can you please help me on getting more info about time to get all features of deployment manager available on terraform?
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Which Type to use for creating Storage Transfer jobs via Deployment Manager

I'm trying to create and manage a TransferJob for Google Storage Transfer service via Google Deployment Manager. The aim is to copy objects from one Cloud Storage bucket to another daily. Since I can'...