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2 answers

Best way of implementing a VPN for remote device management

Looking for thoughts on how to proceed with our remote management of hardware. We deploy MileSight LoraWan UG65 gateways at our customers. The tooling Milesight themselves provide for remote ...
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'iw dev XYZ interface add' is not using the provided 'addr' option

The title says it all. I am running: sudo iw dev wlp2s0 interface add my_interface type managed addr 12:34:56:78:9a:bc Then, upon checking iw my_interface info I see a completely different address.
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In Server 2019 control panel, the server shows with an asterisk - unknown device

Single server small network and in the Control Panel, the server icon shows unknown: Why would this happen - and what's the implication? Clients connect OK, all seems OK, but it's nevertheless ...
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How to get cpu hardware id on Android systems?

I need get CPU voltage and temperature from /sys/class/hwmon but need find the CPU ID to find the correct directory, by example: $ ll /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon2/device lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 sep 3 13:...
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Predictable Network Interface Names

So, I've been looking into this systemd "Predictable Network Interface Names" for quite some time and got some understanding on how it works, but I can't for the love of Thor figure out the ...
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What is the use case of QEMU chardev pty

I'm new to QEMU and playing around with its chardevs. I faced the option called -chardev pty,id=id. So I tried to create a VM with -chardev pty,id=pty0 and got the message. char device redirected to /...
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Windows Server 2003 not trusting any device driver (including native ones)

Background: Several legacy Windows Server 2003 systems need to be migrated from VMware to Azure. Yes, we know they have a legacy OS. Yet we have to keep them running. And this is (at least partly) ...
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How does the linux kernel identify storage devices or any devices in general? [closed]

1 Problem: Today I encountered a strange behavior when trying to benchmark SSD's with a Raspberry PI and having two SSD's with the same label. 2 Setup: My setup is like this: My Raspi runs Ubuntu ...
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List of choices for Macintosh/device management solutions? [closed]

We are in a small company of about 8 people and need to start getting serious about the management of our Mac computers. We are going to stick with Mac only to make things easier/consistent. I read ...
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X-Org Server - Identify USB Unplug event

In our X-Org server setup, if the server is running and we unplug the USB Mouse then the server doesn't really do anything (no errors or warnings.) If we replug the device, even then the server doesn'...
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4 votes
1 answer

Windows 10 - Unused printers being automatically removed by the OS

We have several remote/mobile users who travel between numerous locations and install local printers specific to those locations. These users might exceed 50 printers on their system. With Windows 7,...
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what is the difference between /dev/vda and /dev/sda

I am preparing for a certification and have a locally installed CentOS7 (VirtualBox) and another instance in a cloud-based service. On the local system I have a /dev/sda and on the cloud-based i have ...
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4 answers

is /dev/dm-1 a partition or a whole block device?

Is there a way to figure out if /dev/dm-1 is a block device partition or a whole block device? If /dev/dm-1 is a partition, is there a way to find out the path to the corresponding whole block device?
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2 votes
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How can I retrieve the device information?

From Windows Server 2012 R2, how can I retrieve a device's vendor name and model number without physically opening the machine? For instance, PCI cards. Get-WmiObject Win32_PNPEntity returns a bunch ...
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Access NMEA reference clock and GPS position simultaneously

I noticed two approaches to get an accurate time from GPS (with PPS). Using ntpd either with NMEA reference clock or Shared Memory Driver My problem: I want to have a very accurate time and access ...
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Multi-Generation Snapshots using Device Mapper (Linux)

LVM is an amazingly useful tool, however, it seems to still lack support for snapshotting a drive that is already a snapshot. I made a script to handle this automatically but ran into some troubles. ...
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List all devices of system [closed]

In my understanding linux can list only those devices which it can understand, i.e. for which the drivers have been installed. I think lspci is the command for that. But how can one figure out if ...
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2 answers

File of modules list in linux

I want to know where is the file which lists all modules in Linux kernel package for specific device ID ? and where is that file (path)? pci.ids and usb.ids contain the device ID and name of device ...
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Directly Formatting a Device on a Linux System

I've just 'inherited' a system that consists of a bunch of Linux servers (running Ubuntu, but probably not important) that uses iSCSI devices. These show up as /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc etc. when you log ...
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Solaris ethernet ports: e1000g1 and e1000g2 are not working

I can plumb and configure e1000g0 and e1000g3 using ifconfig, but I can't seem to make use of e1000g1 or e1000g2. When I try ifconfig e1000g1 plumb, I get ifconfig: plumb: e1000g1: Invalid argument. ...
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What is mdev and how to /dev/* nodes get created in Linux?

Our Linux kernel is 2.6.31 running on an embedded MIPS processor with busybox. The initialisation script (rcS) starts mdev with: echo "/sbin/stbhotplug" > /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug mdev -s Can ...
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Server Mainboard and Storage System

Does anybody know how the following storage devices will be supported by Ubuntu, Debian or Linux in generall?? SATA-Controller: AMD SP5100 SAS-Controller: LSI 1068E Because I will buy the http://www....
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Moving Ubuntu disks to a new server

An Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) server here died a couple of days ago. Fortunately, the hard drives were OK. So now we have a new server with the old disks installed. The new server won't boot. After a ...
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