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Postfix relay to Office 365 - DNS configuration

To reduce the likeliness of email being flagged as SPAM, I believe these are the few things that should be done on email servers: Hostname resolves to a valid IP e.g. to ...
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what is required to setup on email server to accept relay email from postfix installed on diff VM

[ServerA+postfix] --relay email--> [] --send email--> ([email protected]) I need to set up an email alert sent from ServerA to the intended recipients ...
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Postfix relay error "mail for loops back to myself"

Good afternoon. There is a mail server (smtp relay) on ubuntu 22.04. This is the core of the server. There are mail accounts on Google Workspace, and the transfer of outgoing letters from these ...
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Unable to send emails from Postfix via Gmail (connect to Connection timed out)

I want to configure a Ubuntu Linode VPS to send log information from Fail2Ban, Apache ModSecurity and other monitoring tools to my email address. However, I don't want to configure a whole email sever:...
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Long established installation of postfix has become an open relay; how can I figure out how and stop it?

This server system has been serving email services since Red Hat v 1.1 (circa 1997 I think) and now is on Fedora Core 37; through many hardware and OS updates along the way it has been kept current. ...
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Postfix Restrict Relay Domains Per User

I have a postfix server configured to relay for either mynetworks or sasl_authenticated clients. I would like to limit a sasl_autenticated client to send to a single domain. It looks like I might be ...
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Multiple mail server from different provider for one domain is possible?

I have searched in google before asking here. I got a mixed answer in google. Can i have a multiple MX record from different mail providers? Example, Zoho Mail [email protected] [email protected] ...
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Inetmgr6.exe missing on Windows server 2022, SMTP relay still working

4 months ago, I have in-place upgraded a 2K8R2 server to 2K22. It had the SMTP relay function, and this feature is still working on Server 2022. (I did the export-import function to get the settings ...
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Do I need to setup this postfix as a "relay" ? To forward all my emails to my gmail

I am not sure what function I need in this situation, or how to configure it... I have many domains, with email accounts me@mydomain1, me@mydomain2, I set my domains to have my one mail server (which ...
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How to prevent outgoing mails in postfix (or a mailcow instance)?

I want to use mailcow as an isolated mail server, so it's not supposed to send mails to the outside. The goal is to allow open registration on the mail server, and users should be able to communicate ...
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How to configure Exim4 to relay emails from authenticated users in various locations

I have a Debian cloud server with Exim4 running and serving emails with DMARC, SPF, and DKIM properly set up. I can ssh into the server and send and receive encrypted emails successfully. Dovecot is ...
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Why and how would I transmit emails via several Mail Transfer Agents?

I read in some Mail-Relay explanation that emails can be delivered from the sender's MTA to the recipient's MTA via more MTAs. How does it work (I thought, the sender's MTA simply determines the ...
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Peer to peer asynchronous delivery with postfix?

I want to privately peer-to-peer send emails between me and my friend's self hosted personal email servers. How can I make sure a message from me (A) gets delivered to my friend (B), if me and my ...
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Why is email sent from my AWS SES server cannot arrive on corporate-domain email, but arrive on mail service such as Gmail?

The summary: email from SES did not arrive at user's corp domain email. email from SES arrives at my corp domain email but is hosted at Gmail. email from my private Gmail arrives at user's corp ...
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How can I use E-Mailrelay to implement DKIM?

I am trying to add DKIM to an existing windows server which is currently using IIS SMTP for outgoing mail. It seems like this could be done by using E-Mailrelay. Unfortunately I could not find any ...
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