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Middleware for EMC Documentum and CMIS? [closed]

I am developing a plan for a Documentum install and intend to access it via CMIS. I'm trying to determine if I need middleware to connect Documentum to CMIS client libraries? I have a successful ...
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Livelink ECM 9.x. Why Full Text Search Doesn't work for my document

Please explain me how does Full Text Search work in OpenText Livelink ECM? When I add Microsoft Word document to a folder "Full Text Search" doesn't find it though queried word is the only word in a ...
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Nuxeo vs Alfresco Community Edition

Hi I am evaluating Nuxeo and Alfresco Community Edition as ECM. Have you got any experience with them to share? Any comparison?
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Life Cycle Navigator?

In many environments the file system directory structure and naming conventions attempt to allow one to use a file manager to navigate the life cycle of a document. This overloading of functions makes ...
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Where is a user guide for Alfresco?

Where is a user guide for Alfresco like exits for Nuxeo: Nuxeo Document Management: the User Guide
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