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Emulate USB drive in Linux for plugged-in USB devices

I have a document management system and want to use my multi-function printer to directly scan into a directory in the Linux file system where my DMS can read from and processes the files ...
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Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,0)

I'm trying to run orange-pi emulation with self-build linux kernel by this commands: ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- make mrproper ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- make ...
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Configuring Reverse DNS for an emulated DNS server hierarchy using BIND

I'm emulating a network using Kathara (similar to Netkit) and I'm having trouble figuring out how to get reverse DNS to work across all three networks. This is the topology And this is the DNS ...'s user avatar
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How can I emulate Google Cloud IoT Core?

I am working with several GCP products and I want to emulate the behaviour of my future application. I am working with Python/Django. I already emulate Google Pub/Sub and Google Cloud Functions. Both ...
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Sending SMS from legacy system without the option for physical sms/gsm modems

My problem is that there is a legacy system for building automation (ventilation, temperature, lighting etc) without the possibility for upgrades, that needs to send text messages through a connected ...
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Server load and user activity emulation software [closed]

A couple of years ago i saw a software set, whose purpose was emulating user/client activity and stress testing remote servers (mail, web, etc.). It can be installed under linux, requires a separate ...
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Mac 10.9 Server + Windows Foundation 2012 Server + VPNing in = Is it possible?

I need to be able to connect to both a Mac 10.9 server and a Windows Foundation 2012 Server at the same time through a single VPN login... Alright so here's the skinny on the setup. Running OSX ...
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Is there a way to automate testing for a GNS3 network topology?

I'm working on an MPLS backbone topology using GNS3, this topology includes configuration of several networking technologies such as IPv6, BGP, OSPF, IPv6 to IPv4 dynamic tunneling, MPLS based VPNs, ...
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How to emulate a user in a Windows environment?

Many systems (such as Linux's su or Meditech's emulate) allow an admin to dynamically emulate another user. I am new to a Windows server/domain environment, how can an administrator emulate another (...
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Latency and bandwidth limitation(WAN Emulation)

I have a requirement to emulate the impact of a new application on the WAN. The WAN bottleneck is a 65MB dedicated pipe between Australia and the UK. I have a setup to generate the traffic, but to ...
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GNS3 Connection to real network

I have this topology in GNS3 Project on Windows 7: PC (C5) is managed by vpcs as described in this tutorial: R1-R3 - emulations of Cisco 7200 routers. ...
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Open source network and host emulator

I am wondering if the following product even exists. Here's my wish list: Bootable CD with simple (XML, YAML) configuration allowing you to spin up multiple virtual hosts, each with their own IP and ...
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Does an Alcatel 7750 emulator/simulator exist?

My company recently deployed several Alcatel-based networks (7750SR) for ethernet and IP transport, and me and my team will have to support a part of it. We're quite used to troubleshoot on Cisco ...
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Postscript 3 emulation

A college needs to print multitudes of documents in a Mac environment. They get quotes for similar devices from two network digital copier competitors - one boasts an Adobe PostScript 3 print driver, ...
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Anyone suggest a good ssh terminal emulator for windows (connecting to RHEL box) and proper terminal type?

We have an old C program which has traditionally been run from SCO boxes. We have a customer that went with RackSpace running RHEL and we got the app recompiled. We have a problem with terminal ...
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Simple tool to characterize network between two points?

I am trying to reproduce a network-related performance problem from a remote site to a cloud-hosted system I'm responsible for. They get awful performance from their location, I get fine performance ...
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How can I force VM's to use the machine host proxy settings?

I have various types of VM's running that I'd like to use my local host machine's proxy settings. This way any browser activity from the VM would go through the host proxy even if the VM's proxy ...
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HP-UX (PA-RISC|Itanium) virtualisation on (x86-64|x86)

I'm looking for a way to run HP-UX (for educational purposes), but I don't have HP hardware right now. These options are not very suitable for me: HP TestDrive program - Looks like it was ...
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Is it possible to emulate hardware using a virtualization solution?

I know I can use VMWare or Hyper-V to run emulated versions of operating systems, and I have a fair amount of control over some of the hardware aspects. What I would like to know is, how is it ...
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let Opera Mini (in Microemulator, on OS X) hit local network

I just set up Microemulator on OS X (Leopard) and am running Opera Mini 4.2, hoping to test a mobile website I'm developing. Opera Mini can hit public websites, but it can't to hit my test sites on ...
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Smartphone emulation software

With the new Exchange boxes going in, I'd like to do some thorough testing on smartphone features, as well as being able to provide salesman-proof documentation (I'm a dreamer). We've got drastic ...
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Why do i need bios emulation?

I asked the question why i have a 100mb partition and its apparently for bios emulation Additional partition being created when installing Windows 7 My mac intel has that partition, this laptop i ...
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Is it possible to create Virtual Serial (COM) Ports

I'm working on software that needs to communicate with hardware over RS232 interfaces. In order to test I'm currently using 2 USB-TO-SERIAL devices connected to eachother using an RS232 cable. (Of ...
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How can I emulate more virtual CPU than physically available?

In VMWare you can use multiple CPU, but only as much as present on the host. Is there a way to use more CPU than physically available ? It would be to : test software designed to run on an ...
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Is Wine stable enough for production?

I have a open relationship with Linux, i use it on and off and i just got into the latest ubuntu and got a change to try out wine and it seemed to take any windows app and make it like i was actually ...
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