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Run android studio emulator and Hyper-V at the same time

I have Hyper-V running on Windows Server 2022. And It needs to stay running all the times since VMs running on top of it need to be available. Is there a way to run The android studio emulator at the ...
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How can I emulate Google Cloud IoT Core?

I am working with several GCP products and I want to emulate the behaviour of my future application. I am working with Python/Django. I already emulate Google Pub/Sub and Google Cloud Functions. Both ...
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emulate telnet over ssh

I have a client/server application that work over a telnet connection, and it does not support SSH. Basically the client opens a telnet connection to the server, which starts a specific shell, and the ...
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Installing KVM on Oracle Solaris

As searched shown KVM is not bare-metal and can be installed on some Linux distros, I wonder is it possible to install KVM hypervisor on Solaris?
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Hyper-V Visual Studio Emulator for Android keeps overriding Virtual Switches

I am using Visual Studio Emulator for Android to deploy Android Emulators on a Hyper-V host server. These emulators need to have internet access. Host server OS is Windows server 2016. I have 3 ...
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Way to automate tasks in a custom terminal emulator program?

I work with Avaya Site Administrator, telephony software. ASA has an emulator mode (513) that you enter to execute custom commands (I assume this is basically entering a specialized shell). I am ...
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Oracle DB emulator

Don't now if its a right place to ask, so if not please give me a hint. I need some software that do can emulate how Oracle DB works with disks (NOT ORACLE WORKLOAD TOOL). I've already took a look at ...
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Netem on Windows?

I want to use a Network emulator in a Windows environment, will Netem work? If not, are there any alternatives?
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let Opera Mini (in Microemulator, on OS X) hit local network

I just set up Microemulator on OS X (Leopard) and am running Opera Mini 4.2, hoping to test a mobile website I'm developing. Opera Mini can hit public websites, but it can't to hit my test sites on ...
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Suggestions for Terminal Emulators on Linux, Windows and Mac [closed]

I've recently found the Terminator terminal emulator for Gnome. I really like this There is a Terminator written in Java. For windows it is lightyears ahead of the installed rxvt. However, I have ...
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