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Use this tag for questions regarding support information for products or projects that have announced end-of-life dates. This applies to either official product customer support, or for projects that have announced they will no longer continue with regular releases.

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Red Hat Enterprise 7.4 End-of-Life status

I would like to get a definitive and authorized answer on the end-of-life of RHEL 7.4. I tried to find information via
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How to know if my server is good for windows server 2022 version? [closed]

I have inherited several old windows servers (6-13 years old, from DELL and Fujitsu). I now need to update (win2012 EOF) them to a newer Windows Server version. How can I check if these servers can be ...
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CentOS 7 - end of life in 2024, then what

We are working on a software solution and some of our providers are really CentOS 7 centered. CentoS 7 will continue to produce through the remainder of the RHEL 7 life cycle, which will end sometime ...
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Keep using IE11 functionality after expiry [closed]

I am trying to understand how to keep using a legacy intranet "web application" based on VBScript (a scripting language supported by IE11, a still supported product, at the moment of writing)...
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Flash Player EOL for Standalone flash applications

I understand that Adobe Flash is reaching it's end of life by the end of 2020 with all browsers blocking it etc. Microsoft also says that Microsoft will also take steps to remove Flash from the ...
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Ubuntu 18.10 updates fail

I have a website actually hosted on an Ubuntu 18.10 and I can't install anything. At first everything was working (a few weeks ago when I fist spawned this VPS) but now I always get error me@cdad:/...
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Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 documentation [closed]

Does anyone know where I can find documentation for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0? It reached its end of life on 2016-10-11, and MSDN no longer contains documentation for this product. The Microsoft ...
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Supplier proposes upgrade to 2016, we're running 2008r2, should we do it?

To be clear: I'm not asking for opinions, rather I'm looking for data/facts/insights that will help me get closer to forming my own opinion. Context We're about to upgrade our servers (as they're ...
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Where can I find End of Life Support Dates for Microsoft Products? [closed]

Specifically, I would like the the End of Life Support Dates for these: Windows Server 2012 R2 SQL Server 2014
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