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The printer edits are cut off at the top and bottom after upgrade cups to 2.2.6 with Postscript source

The background, we're upgrading a technical platform for our ERP that sends postscript editions in A4. Our old cups --> Redhat 6.1 / Cups 1.4.2 / Foomatic 4.0.4 New platform --> OL 8.7 / Cups 2....
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Prevent Server 2012R2 from auto-terminating unresponsive legacy ERP application

Background: FoxPro legacy ERP application on 2012R2 We have a legacy ERP application that we need to keep running for 6 more months. The ERP application was itself written in FoxPro, a discontinued ...
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TS Easy Print on specific driver

Hey guys I have a weird one for you... I have a user that has a Brother HL-5370 hooked up to her PC with USB and a few more that are on the network. We have an ERP system where if any report is ...
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Sql server 2008 R2 using Half of the memory [closed]

i built a new 2 cpu 8 core 40 gb ram Server for our ERP software which use Sql server 2008 R2 on Win server 2008 standart R2, in Sql There are 7 databases, 2 of them for Tests, 2 of them to keep ...
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Dynamics AX 2009 Falls Over when SQL Cluster Rolls

We had an issue on one of our production database nodes which caused it to fail over to another. This caused a brief outage whilst the service rolled. This temporary glitch however was enough to ...
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Our FPD 2.6 application can't open files with long file names on SBS 2011

Our FoxPro for DOS 2.6 (FPD) application apparently is not able to see filenames longer than 8 characters when run on Windows XP Pro or Win 7 (32-bit) stations over Small Business Server 2011 running ...
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How to successfully connect to Foxpro database files using MSSQL Linked Server feature and ODBC?

We're trying to access Foxpro file-based database files via MSSQL Server's linked server feature, using Foxpro ODBC driver. For this, we've installed the latest Foxpro ODBC Driver from Microsoft, ...
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How much network overhead (and file locking issues) can I expect for 25-50 users on a Visual FoxPro 9 ERP DB via SMB/CIFS?

Alternate question title: How can I translate “This software gives me the creeps” to a business case to upper management for not buying it? I am the IT Department for a small company which has ...
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FoxPro 2.6 DOS on Windows 7 64-bit

I support a company that has a very old, mission critical, FoxPro for DOS 2.6 (FPD) application. For variuos reasons the company didn't adapt/migrate their app, which, ironically, has been running ...
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Mount Access Novell Netware 4.11 file(s) on Windows XP or above

We have old servers that serve application using FoxPro database and it's currently still operating till today. The operating system is using Netware 4.11 and the client is dumb terminal (boot from ...
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problems after migration of a foxpro app from novell to samba

I had to decomission an old novell server which served for shares in a medium network (~30 workstations) and chose a virtualized samba solution (freebsd under vmware esxi) after the first two weeks, ...
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Why are ERP programs so.. weird? [closed]

I'm currently on a project to narrow down the choices out there for distributor ERP's for a small business. While getting quotes, I was given very, very little information about the programs ...
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