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In Linux/bash how can I prevent asynchronous commands?

I have a makefile that calls external build scripts. Some of these scripts (which I can't change) make use of commands that are forked / backgrounded (or asynchronous as the bash manual names them) ...
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Docker-compose // OCI runtime create failed // pthread_create failed

Recently I have rent a VPS as private playground and for learning docker. I want to host a few webservices behind nginx-proxy together with docker-letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion. Setup The Server ...
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Hitting a process limit, but unsure how

I run a server, mostly for using with random Docker containers and as a Gitlab-CI runner. Every once in a while, when the server has been running for a week or so, I run into process resource limits. ...
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Unable to fork children even after exiting previous ones

I have a CentOS VM on which I'm running a php socket server, that forks on every connection. The child process does its job and then exits. The parent is also waiting to reap the dead zombie process (...
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Do Zombie Process have adverse effects?

Yes, I have gone through a lot of answers, but they don't really specifically say if Zombie Processes will have any adverse effects in the longer run or not. I have an application that creates a ...
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Is there any way to start mongo-connector in linux as a background process?

I am using mongo-connector to synchronize data between MongoDB and SOLR. I am working in RedHat 7 OS Server, I wanted to run the mongo-connector command as fork process in Server OS, since i need a ...
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Forking loads disk

I have a prefork/fork daemon. By atop I see, that master-process often consumes disk: PID TID RDDSK WRDSK WCANCL DSK CMD 16830 - 7264K 48696K 18624K 10% our daemon From strace I see, that it ...
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Find out what processes are forking

My server seems to be a bit slow, so I decided to install munin to see what is happening. One statistic that stands out is that the server is forking 50 times a second, which seems a little excessive ...
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APT FATAL -> Failed to fork

I saw a lot of questions regarding this, but mine seems a little different. Here's what I receive: /etc/cron.weekly/apt-xapian-index: FATAL -> Failed to fork. run-parts: /etc/cron.weekly/apt-...
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fork/vfork are failing but return an out of bounds errno

I have a piece of software running on a 64 bit Cent 5.8 Final box, kernel 2.6.18. This piece of software using fork and vfork. Recently some failures occurred, and in my logging I can see that fork ...
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How Puppet handles manifests in terms of processes?

I want to find out how Puppet handles manifests: in master process or Puppet forks it to execute in child process? It necessary for me to know what exactly do puppet master while handling manifests, ...
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Ignoring fork-bomb in Ubuntu [closed]

I got an homework assignment to write a program that checks how many process a user can create (working in Ubuntu). I wrote the code which seems fine in theory. The problem is that when I run it, the ...
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How do you manage software's local forks?

As a system administrator, I often have to modify programs for my company. Example: We're using an web interface to manage our local DNS. After downloading and extracting the tar.gz file from the ...
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Upstart, no feedback whether starting failed

I have a daemon in /opt/xyz/bin/xyz. Unfortunately it cannot fork itself into background and will not be able to do so within the next half year. My problem is the following: Entering service xyz ...
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Rsync and "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host"

I have a script which rsync's a local directory to about 10 remote servers. It basically has a list of the servers and for loops through each of them doing the rsync. To speed up the process I have it ...
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Forking and memory allocation question

I have inherited a Perl script that runs on an EC2 instance which basically crawls a bunch of URL's for data (aka scraping). The way this script is invoked is via a shell script that forks multiple ...
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How can I know the maximum allowed number of forks for a process in Ubuntu?

I am using process control in PHP to create forks. My server's operating system is Ubuntu. How can I know what is the capacity of my server in handling those forks? Is there a limit? And if so, can I ...
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fork: Resource temporarily unavailable running JVM

I'm running a Tomcat 6 instance on a 34 GB EC2 instance. I've been struggling to keep the memory down but this thing services a lot of requests and the heap frequently gets up to 13 GB. But the heap ...
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What's the best way to clean up after a fork bomb?

$ ls bash: no more processes Uh oh. Looks like someone made a fork bomb. Where I used to work, this pretty much meant that the shared server would need to be power-cycled, since even the sysadmins ...
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