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How long does it take for a GCP backend service to stop sending connections to an instance after being removed?

I am using a GCP region backend service to load balance across a set of instances in an unmanaged instance group. When I remove an instance from the group I want to know when I can safely delete the ...
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Does Google TCP Load Balancer replicate traffic between all target groups?

I've configured a TCP Load Balancer in Google Cloud and I can see the option to select more than one single instance group to send traffic. What does really Google Cloud does when selecting more than ...
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Google Cloud Load Balancer with wildcard

For example, there are the following applications deployed as App Engine and Cloud Run services. A) app-1-api as Cloud Run service B) app-2-api as App Engine service C) app-1-frontend a NextJS app as ...
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In GCP load balancer monitoring, what is "unhealthy network traffic"?

I'm running an Google CloudRun instance for an API. Today I've added a load balancer in front of it, so that I can set an SSL Policy that disallows TLS <1.2. In the screenshot below, it appears ...
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Google cloud loadbalancer Http-to-https with multiple backends

My goal is to have a redirect http-to-https for a loadbalancer for 3 instance groups on Google Cloud Platform. I have one load-balancer http-to-https which redirects to another load-balancer for my 3 ...
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Share gcp external load balancer across multiple projects

Just started configuring an external load balancer for one of our projects, was wondering if I have to create a new load balancer for each project or could I target other projects from the project ...
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Using a Zonal Network Endpoint Group (NEG) with HTTPS Load Balancer

When creating a Network Endpoint Group I need to specify network endpoint(s). For these, I can select my VM instance and specify the Primary (Internal) IP address. I can then select this NEG as the ...
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GCP HTTP Load balancer to TCP Load balancer

I am trying to figure out is how can I connect a TCP Load balancer with a HTTP/HTTPS load balancer in GCP. I have installed kong on a GKE cluster and it creates a TCP Load balancer. Now if I have ...
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Google Cloud VPC: Is there any restriction on N-S traffic and ARP requests from alias IP?

Platform: Google Cloud VPC Scenario: We are trying to integrate our cloud infra solution within GCP instances using nested virtulization. The solution includes a SDN component which performs both L2 ...
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How to set up Google Cloud CDN?

Sorry for my bad english, i translate from russian. I can't figure out how to set up Cloud CDN. To use it I should set up the Load Balancer. I have an external server with web pages. I set up strictly ...
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Can a Google Cloud Internal Load Balancer be called from other network in same region?

The Google Cloud Internal Load Balancer documentation lists the limitation that you need to access it from within the same region. I can't seem to find whether you can access it from within a ...
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Is there an alternative to AWS' lifecycle hooks in Google Cloud?

On AWS lifecycle hooks are utilized so the load balancer can query specific details about applications running on instances to, for example, avoid shutting down an instance that has very low CPU but ...
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Google Cloud - Backend unhealthy and LB not working

I somehow broke a working SSL LB with a minor change and now cannot get it to work again. VM Instance - - Showing unhealthy and giving a 502 error through the external IP (but taking the correct SSL ...
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UDP Server behind Gcloud load balancer: receive ok, reply fails

I have a UDP server set up (on a VM) behind the Google Cloud network load balancer. The server is bound to The UDP server can receive messages that were sent to the balancer, but replies do ...
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