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Google Shared Drive File Structure

We're looking at migrating from a traditional file server to Google Drive and are currently trying to figure out to replicate our current permission structure so there's as little difference between ...
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Is it possible to prohibit users from deleting files from Google Drive?

I'm an administrator for my organization and I got a report that someone deleted a file that was shared with other users. The original owner deleted the file (or caused it's deletion somehow) and now ...
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Confusing Google Admin console options related to Google Drive's sharing security update

I'm reviewing the notification from Google today that starts: On September 13, 2021, Drive will apply a security update to make file sharing more secure. As a Google Workspace admin, you can choose ...
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OAuth does not accept Non-top-level domain

I have been using Google drive API since July and it accepted a non Top-Level local domain (not end with .com,.io,.org...)as whitelisted domain for OAuth. But yesterday when I try to whitelist another ...
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Google drive exclusive file locking

Is there a way to acquire an exclusive lock for files in Google Drive to prevent concurrent modifications? I'm helping a friend to set up their small business office, and they need to be able to share ...
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Google drive download and upload issue [closed]

I have integrated the google drive download and share the file in my website. A user login in our application with the google-login, we got his authorise scope once he logged-in our website. We are ...
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Rsync on mounted google drive [closed]

I have mounted my google drive in ubuntu nad want to rsync my pictures. I issue the command rsync -Parvhz folder1 /home/me/GoogleDrive/Pictures/ it transfer them all. Then I re-issue the command ...
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Office365 Exchange – How do I add storage accounts? (DropBox, Google Drive, etc)

Background: I am evaluating migration to office365 for a small company. Currently, they have and want to continue to use Google Drive for their document storage, so moving that part for OneDrive is a ...
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Using google drive to dynamically expand VPS storage

I was wondering if anyone ever tried using the free online storage services such as Mega, Google Drive or Dropbox to dynamically increase the "small" storage provided with cheap VPS services. What I ...
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How can I set up automated, encrypted backups of live MySQL databases on a Ubuntu VPS to Google Drive using Duplicity?

We're using DigitalOcean as our VPS provider. They have a tutorial on how to set up Duplicity for encrypted backups, but it doesn't cover database backups or the Google Drive endpoint. I found a few ...
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Use Google Drive for live DB backup? [closed]

I am currently trying to define my backup strategy for my AWS EC2 server. I already use Google Drive to backup my apache root folder. This also automatically doubles as a deployment strategy since the ...
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Bulk move user files to Google Apps from Windows

I am looking to do a mass migration of user files from a Windows Server to Google Drive. Each user has their own folder on the Windows Server and I am looking for a way to bulk migrate to each users ...
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Unexplained 503 errors when uploading huge file to Google Drive [closed]

I'm trying to upload a rather huge file (~1TB) to Google Drive using their resumable uploads feature. I upload the file in 16MB chunks. This job has been running for a couple of days successfully ...
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How to use Google Drive as secure storage on a linux server

since google dropped the price for storage recently I thought about using it at my storage servers too add storage capacity easily. What I found so far is the ability to mount the google drive into ...
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