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QoS on GPRS connection

I have a question about QoS (Quality of Service) on GPRS connection. I have linux server with many connected clients through GPRS. Each of them communicates at the same time via ftp, http etc. How can ...
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Should a MobiTex service with a highly resilient website offer content over WAP? [closed]

I'm trying to offer services over the MobiTex network (also see wiki) and want to reduce double-work. I'm trying to understand if it is a good idea to WAP enable my website. Given that WAP usage is ...
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Why do mobile networks have high latencies? How can they be reduced?

I'm increasingly seeing mobile networking technologies being used to get internet access in areas where it is otherwise not available. While mobile networking is usually not yet viable as the primary ...
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Why would a UDP socket perform OK on wifi, but not on a cell network?

Noobish question - I have a perl script running on a linux server which opens UDP port 7015. netstat -ulnp shows: udp 0 0* ...
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Find out why Linux chat script for ppp connection fails

I'm having trouble making a ppp connection over a GSM Modem. The Platform is an ARM based embedded device, running Debian Linux 5. The scripts worked before with this device, but not with the new ...
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3 answers

Could my GPRS connection be too slow for IPSec connection?

I'm setting up an IPSec connection from an Westermo MRD310 to our company Cisco ASA5510. We've had many successful setups using this method, creating a tunnel network between a remote location and ...
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2 answers

3G/Edge/GPRS IP addresses and geocoding [closed]

So, we're looking to develop a mobile website. On this mobile website, we'd like to automatically populate a user's location (with proper fallback) based on their IP address. I'm aware of geocoding a ...
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2 answers

Windows - how to clone network connections entry to another machine

Let's assume we have two Windows XP computers with identical hardware configuration, including GPRS modem connected to COM1 serial port. On the first PC we add new modem device, set up gprs connection ...
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