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How to monitor Java non-heap memory usage?

I need to run a bunch of java processes, that I'm not sure, what their maximum heap usage can be. To make better use of server's heap memory I tried solution described in 1. I found in documentation, ...
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How to increase the Java Memory in Windows Server 2012 R2?

I am trying to follow This Link to increase the memory that is available to the Java Runtime Environment, because I encountered the "insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to ...
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Monitor Java Heap on a Centos Server via Telegraf/Grafana

How to Monitor Java Heap usage on centos server using Telegraf and Grafana? This monitoring is particularly for Logstash process running on the server. I tried to use JSTAT to get data, but it has ...
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Native memory allocation (mmap) failed to map bytes for committing reserved memory

I am running a download server in AWS t2.micro instance & I have configured max heap of 512 MB & min heap of 256 MB for my java process. I am performing a migration kind of process in a single ...
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Too many major garbage collections: Add heap space or add another VM?

We are not yet experiencing any application errors but our monitoring tools are indicating that our application is running at the limits of it's resources. Should we first add more heap or add an ...
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How much memory must be left to the OS with a java server application? [closed]

Suppose I am running tomcat with -Xms256m -Xmx1024m, but would like to increase my heap usage. What is the largest safe heap size I can allocate? For the purpose of this question, please assume, ...
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How can I verify the heap size startup arguments for an active JVM that's running as a Windows service and loading JVM params from registry?

I've got a Windows server with a third-party application on it that runs as a Windows service. The service/application is actually a java virtual machine however it displays in task manager as an exe ...
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ES fills up heap slowly over time and hangs at 14GB, while biggest index is 164MB?

I have an issue with Elasticsearch, at some times, it tries to run GC continously since this one is unable to free because heap size set to 14GB (min and max) is said to be completely allocated: (...)...
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WebSphere - Jython command to view an Application's memory usage

Using IBM WebSphere Application Server version, is there a way to view the memory usage of a running application on the server? Something with Jython or Jacl? I can view the memory usage of a ...
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java 7: should users be aware of changes in heap memory handling?

After installing the latest Java 7 Development Kit (Java SE 7u11) on my Windows 7 Professional 32bit PC with 4Gb RAM, I noticed I can't allocate much memory for Tomcat. Whereas these memory settings ...
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"Error occurred during initialization of VM" in linux server

I am trying to run java command in linux server it was running well but today when I tried to run java I got some error- Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for ...
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JVM memory initializazion error after windows update

We have three Windows Server 2003 with 2 GB RAM. Server1 tomcat 5.5.25 jvm version SUN 1.6.0_11-b03 Server2 tomcat 5.5.25 jvm version SUN 1.6.0_14-b08 ...
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Increasing Java's heapspace in Tomcat startup script

I want to increase my heap size when using Tomcat. I was told to add this line export CATALINA_OPTS=-Xms16m -Xmx256m; In to the script - I did so (at the beginning) but got the error ...
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Alternatives for heapdumps creation with higher performance than jmap?

I have to create heapdumps, which works nice with jmap. My problem is, that jmap takes very long to create the heapdump file. Especially when the heap is getting bigger (> 1GB) it is taking too long. ...
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