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Apache returns 408 when prepending www

I have a server running debian 8.11 and apache 2.4.10 configured to serve 2 websites. One is a website built with wordpress (, the other is a forum built with NodeBB (, ...
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random Nginx 408 errors during ajax post

I'm using jQuery to post some form data to my Nginx server but sometimes it fails with a 408 error. When the error happens, apparently the php script to process the posted data is NOT reached at all, ...
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Apache custom error pages for 400 and 408

I have created a number of custom error pages and I have this in global configuration so it will apply to all vhosts: Alias /common /var/www/common ErrorDocument 400 /common/400.shtml ErrorDocument ...
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Subversion SSL handshake failed and 408 error code

Versions Subversion: version 1.6.11 (r934486) Operating System: CentOS release 6.8 (Final) Background I have a variety of shell scripts that run as cronjobs on a CentOS machine. The shell scripts ...
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How to increase Apache's timeout correctly when mod_proxy is used

Background: I have machine to machine communication system, where client is sending every now and then data to Apache Server. Communication is slow as mobile 2G is used for communication. Apache uses ...
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Diagnosing nginx 408

Users upload photos to my site, using an HTML5 plupload runtime that submits the files to a php script at /upload-process. Normally this works fine, but sometimes the call to /upload-process times ...
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NGINX: Request Limit timeout behavior for queries in the queue (burst)

Currently, we have a queue size of 3000 requests. location /api/v2 { limit_req zone=bursted burst=3000; include /etc/nginx/proxy.conf; } The rate limit is 10 requests per second. ...
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ELB, Nginx and redirecting http to https - 408 requests timeout

I have this configuration: The Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) routes port 80 to port 81 and port 443 to port 80 The cert is handled in ELB Nginx listens to port 80 and 81 Port 81 redirects to ...
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Why is a user getting a "proxy server isn't responding" message and causing HTTP 408 errors to be logged?

I have a user who can't get to my web site hosted on AWS EC2. This user is behind a corporate proxy server, and when they enter my URL, they get a "The proxy server isn't responding" message in IE and ...
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Nginx returning 408 error with XHR2 file uploads during mid-upload

A customer of mine is trying to upload a file to our remote nginx webserver via a form POST using XHR2 form data (and a cross-domain request with CORS). During mid-upload, the webserver returns a 408 ...
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Getting 408 errors on our logs with no request or user agent

I'm getting a lot of requests turning up in our apache logs that look like this - - [06/Mar/2013:00:39:19 +0000] "-" 408 0 "-" "-" - There seems to be no request and no ...
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