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IBM HttpServer the configured certificate chain contains a signature that is not compatible with peers TLS Signature Algorithm requirements

I have a kubernetes ingress service, forwarding traffic to an SSL port on an IBM HTTP Server, but the connection fails with SSL0280E: SSL Handshake Failed, the configured certificate chain contains a ...
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IBM HTTP Server Randomly closing SSL connection

I'm using IBM IHS Http-Server, with an SSL-enabled VirtualHost. My problem is, that the server is requesting a client-certificate randomly after the client-requests, however it should request only ...
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How to set environment variables in /etc/sysconfig/httpd in RHEL 7.1

On my RHEL 7.1 I am running trying to set some environment variables for the IBMs httpd service. The variables are picked up by my httpd.conf to allow me to re-use it for multiple environments. For ...
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What is LLAWP ? How to Check the status of LLAWP?

I have installed IBM HTTP Server and Apache Tomcat in my RHEL linux. In my linux how to check the status of LLAWP. I used this code to check the status ps -ef|grep LLAWP. but it returns only pid, ...
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Diagnosing why apache virtual host has stopped working

We have an Apache (IBM HTTP Server that is a fork of Apache: server that runs virtual hosts that listen to port 80, 8000, and others (this for ...
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