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Windows DEL command behavior wrt junction points

In my installer script I want to delete known files from known locations on the local PC using the DEL command. The command should purge the file from a certain folder and all subfolders below that. ...
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Calculate folder size without counting links

I need to calculate the size of "real" files created under a folder (and its sub-folders) on an NTFS drive, where "real" is all files that are not present because of hard/soft-links, junctions etc. ...
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Why are there so many applications designed to only run on the C drive? [closed]

It seems like with Windows 7 onward, many common applications will only install to a directory of their choice: Office 2013 Visual Studio Chrome SQL Server This ranges from being slightly annoying ...
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IIS server: directory not writable via symbolic link compared to directory junction (for only the first user)

We have the following setup for a webserver: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, IIS 7.5.7600.16385, PHP 5.3.28, the HMVC framework we use is Kohana. Kohana needs a cache directory to be writable in D:\...
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How can I use junctions instead of drive letters to organize DFS replication of multiple shares on multiple disks?

I am configuring a new DFS setup that will utilize Namespaces and Replication. The two member servers are virtual machines running Windows Server 2012 R2. Since many of the shares range from ...
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Performance issues with cross-drive NTFS junctions

I have the following setup: Windows 8.1 32-bit Drive 0: system drive, SSD, NTFS, mounted at C:\ Drive 1: data drive, magnetic HDD, NTFS, mounted at C:\Users\Database User\Documents and Z:\ ...
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Which settings apply to a folder connected via junction?

Which folder permission and folder sharing settings apply to a a folder "connected" within another folder via junction, or symlink? Lets assume we have two folders residing in drive D:. D:\Main D:\...
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Is there a way to create a 'trackable' link (~hard link) to a folder on Windows (Windows XP in particular)?

Lets suppose that there are: a folder and a junction point or a symlink to that folder When the original folder is moved to a new location, both the junction point and the symlink fail (point to an ...
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What are possible drawbacks of an IIS 7 site having an NTFS junction as a web root?

I am trying to come up with a way to deploy ASP.NET code with as little site disturbance as possible. One thought was to set up the site to be served from an NTFS junction c:\www\ where c:\...
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Windows Installer Service Issue

I'm trying to clear up some space on C:\ drive by copying contents of C:\Windows\Installer folder to another NTFS Partition and create a junction point(Symbolic link) from C:\Windows\Installer to D:\...
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WinXP - Map network location to local folder

I have a network location, \\myserver\myshare. On my Windows XP box, I wish to map this location to the path c:\somefolder. Am I asking the impossible?
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Some GUI for mklink?

Do you know some GUI tool to create Hardlinks/SoftLinks/Junctions?
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