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Nginx gives 404 for files with the name in Hindi

I had a WordPress site running on GoDaddy CPanel hosting. The site uses Hindi (the Indian Language). It runs fine with GoDaddy. Once I migrate it to Digital Ocean VPS with PHP 7 and Nginx 1.14.0, a ...
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List of most popular server side web hosting languages? [closed]

I am looking for some online resources providing statistics, or at least ranking, of server-side installations based on the language (and maybe version and environment). We are trying to choose the ...
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2 answers

htaccess rewrite for language subdomains

I need to point subdomains like to /public/www/index.php The problem is my host does NOT provide me to set a path, I can only set up the subdomains for "local use", which creates the ...
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How to select shell language with a MUI Office 2010 install using OCT file

I have created a network installation point for Office 2010 ProPlus that contains two language packs — en-us, and cs-cz (Czech). I've also created an Office Customization File. In my environment the ...
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Wildcard DNS entry to match lang subdomain

We have a website pointing to x.x.x.1 and a system with multiples minisites all having pointing to x.x.x.2 Basically what we have in place is a wildcard DNS ...