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Can I force a re-read of the leap-seconds file immediately?

After realizing that my leap-seconds file is expired, I updated it. However while ntpq indicates expire=202112280000, it did not re-read the current file. I suspect that the file is being checked once ...
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How to fix leap second sleep issue without reboot

I found that after the latest leap second insertion (2016-12-31 23:59:60), our CentOS7 application that has worker threads sleeping for 1 second between jobs, started to wake the sleeping threads ...
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How do I configure a Unix system to run on TAI time?

I want to configure a Unix system to run on International Atomic Time (TAI) in order to be able to see the year-end leap second properly reported as 2016-12-31 23:59:60. I know this will cause the ...
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Linux ntpd leap second preparation

There will be a leap second on June 30, 2015 at 23:59:60 UTC. I have a Linux based stratum 1 NTP server which uses GPS as a reference clock. The server is using the "default" ntpd. How ...
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Leap second addition in linux - how to make sure kernel detects it correctly

For the upcoming leap second addition on June 30 I have been working on making sure the Red Hat Linux detects the time smoothly. I have installed the updated tzdata and ntpd package on all RHEL5 and ...
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How to configure NTP has a TAI or GPS time reference?

For our project, we would like to have all servers and systems synchronised to a linear time reference (without leap second). Therefore, we would discard UTC but are very interested in advertising ...
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Leap-second flag not forwarded to NTP clients

I'm making some tests with leapfile feature on ntpd to send fake leap-seconds and ensure our Linux platform is resilient to the "bug". The NTP lab is quite simple: a "master" server with local clock ...
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Fit-PC bricked due to leap second, how to prevent the second one from failing?

I've got three Fit-PCs in use. They are being used as light-weight Linux servers. Unfortunately, on Jun 30, the first of them failed to start due to the leap-second bug. I tried rebooting it a few ...
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Anyone else experiencing high rates of Linux server crashes during a leap second day?

*NOTE: if your server still has issues due to confused kernels, and you can't reboot - the simplest solution proposed with gnu date installed on your system is: date -s now. This will reset the ...