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Remove "lspci" devices from guest VM - possibilities and limitations

Prerequesites: some RedHat KVM hypevisor and Ubuntu server as guest. So, I'm worryng about virtual pci devices, connected to my Linux VM (on VPS) by default. One of them is VGA device which lets ...
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DELL ESXI host crashes - How to figure out faulty hardware

I have a ESXI host that has crashed several times due to hardware issues. Every time in the logs I see: A bus fatal error was detected on a component at bus 64 device 2 function 0. A bus fatal error ...
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PCI addresses of 2 network ports differ only in "device function" field => they belong to the same NIC?

I have multiple 10G ethernet ports on my server. Here is lspci for some of them: 81:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection (rev 01) 81:00.1 ...
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linux scsi physical topology

Is there any way to find the physical topology of a drive on the SCSI bus in linux? here's an example: >: for drive in $(find /dev/disk/by-path -name \*0|sort); do udevadm info --query=path --...
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Can I Intentionally Disable PCIe Lanes? Or lower PCIe Width?

I am doing some testing on my server and want to lower the width to my PCIe device (or its PCIe bridge). In case it is relevant, I figured out how to lower my speed based on the PCI Spec with Linux'...
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Map PCIe slot number (or BDF) to device number or vice versa

Is there any way to know the drive number from BDF or slot number of a PCIe or vice versa? Suppose I have four PCIe drives attached to my system. And I know their BDF's, I want to know each of the ...
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How to detect ethernet uplink speed on CentOS 6 OpenVZ VPS

I recently purchased a VPS which was advertised as a 100Mbps uplink but the promotion promised a free upgrade to a 1Gbps uplink. I'm trying to find out if I received the upgrade with various methods ...
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List all devices of system [closed]

In my understanding linux can list only those devices which it can understand, i.e. for which the drivers have been installed. I think lspci is the command for that. But how can one figure out if ...
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Taking BusID output from lspci and storing in a variable

I am trying to get the BusID's of each video card stored in a server and putting them in a variable each to be used for an input to a simple find and replace perl script. How would I go about getting ...
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I want to inventory the hardware of my Linux systems using only ssh on the client end

They are a mix of Red Hat and CentOS 5.x, I'd like to have something on one host that can check basics like cpu/mem/disk hardware, Model, HW RAID controllers, etc would be nice. I have key based ssh ...
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