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Unable to clear virtual mac address on Mellanox ConnectX3 HP 546FLR

I recently had some problems with setting up bond interfaces during deployment with canonical maas. Two server stuck with the same mac address as virtual mac address and I have no idea where I can set ...
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How to forward DNS requests from MAAS to AWS Inbound endpoint

I am trying to access a private DNS from AWS in MAAS. I already have everything set up, including the inbound endpoint in Amazon. I added the inbound endpoint address in "Upstream DNS used to ...
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Is Ubuntu MAAS only for servers?

I'm trying to get my head around using Ubuntu MAAS as a means to deploy clients. All the documentation I see exclusively mentions servers. Can I use the MAAS platform to deploy a regular Ubuntu ...
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How can I best get the mpt2 drivers back in to Centos8 [for maas images and openstack ironic/image builder]

I need the mpt2sas drivers to get Centos8 to work with my servers. Thanks to them using the rhel nutered kernel the device id's have been removed and wont load with out using a dd disk. I have both ...
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New compute node with openstack base bundle

In my scenario which is deployed with maas and juju, I have a network which is used to deploy openstack base churm bundle. Also the maas and juju are within this network/subnet. Recently ...
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cannot add local k8s as cloud in juju

I have a three node cluster k8s which has been setup via kubeadm, I just heard about juju recently and I’m completely new. what I want is that to register my local k8s into my local juju node but as ...
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MAAS (2.4.2) Fails Booting All Images (ephemeral included)

I use MAAS 2.4.2 to admin a cluster of computers at work. Yesterday I had to reboot a node (already deployed) to fix a driver issue. It never came back up. I was able to IPMI into the machine to ...
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Metal-as-a-Service in an existing environment

We're looking at MaaS for our bare metal server environment to replace old school kickstart scripts. MaaS works great if you want to go with the full "reimage everything" train. However, we have many ...
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