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CORS with Auth module in Apache2

I am triying to set up a data server that restrict the access to the public but allows access from a host or domain, but at the same time I need to enable CORS, this is what I tried in my virtualhost ...
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Apache Require IP directive not working

I have the following in my apache config file: Define THUMBS_ROOT "//mysmbserver/website/thumbs" Alias "/thumbs" "//mysmbserver/website/thumbs" <Directory {THUMBS_ROOT}...
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Require local Apache directive not working on AWS EC2 instance

I have an Apache 2.4 VirtualHost on an AWS EC2 instance with the following config: <Directory /srv/www/> Require ip [REDACTED] # Office IP Require local </Directory> ...
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htaccess - Allow viewing of index.html via instead of

So I have a hypothetical folder on my website protected by Deny from all on my .htaccess file. I have coded an exception as below: <files index.html> order allow,deny Allow from all </files&...
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Apache, mod_authz_host, ineffective 'Allow from' clause

I am trying to restrict access to a part of my website to only a specific machine within the local network using mod_authz_host. My config ...
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Apache 2.4: Allow access to directory only for ip address range

I want allow access to /htdocs/reserved/ directory only for ip addresses from to (.193 --> .254). I have written this code in httpd.conf: <Directory /htdocs/reserved/&...
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Basic Auth apache 2.2 bypass IP

how can set the basic auth of apache 2.2 to bypass IP? I have follow this wiki , but ask always a password, also to IP ...
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Network Related Apache 2.4 403 Authz Error AH01630

I've never seen this style of behavior before. If I access this site on most networks it works. However if I am on-site of the client I cannot pull up the site. TWC Home, works fine. ATT Cell Data, ...
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Apache httpd: How can I Deny from all, Allow from subnet without the ip address range being known before hand?

I am running REHL 6.7 with the stock Apache httpd-2.2. I have enabled mod_status at the Location /server-status. I would like to allow access to this single Location in the following way: Deny from ...
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Apache 2.4 - How to restrict traffic (by IP address) to all requests except the base path?

I have a collection of debugging scripts in /var/www that display useful information that helps with investigating issues on the server, however that same information is potentially sensitive, so I do ...
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apache2.4 virtual host blocking access with authz_core log, even though authz not configured

So I'm getting 403: Forbidden errors on one of my apache2.4 virtualhosts. What's interesting, is that /var/log/apache2/error.log reports: authz_core:error] [pid 4878:tid 140394394269440] [client 10....
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Can you use wildcards in Subversion's Path Based Authorization?

Subversion info: Collabnet Subversion Edge 3.2.2 SVN Version: 1.8.0 Apache HTTP Server 2.4.4 Using mod_authz_svn, no ldap What I'm trying to do is allocate access of a Subversion project to all ...
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Apache restrict domain [duplicate]

I would like to configure Apache (2.2)to restrict what domains users can access e.g. if apache FQDN is then apache will only allow requests to resources in .myfunnydomain....
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Apache - protect particular http patterns

I want to restrict certain domains from accessing services on my app server. For example; I want to create a filter on my Apache server which will match all ...
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From SVN to GIT: Something similar to authz?

We currently have an SVN repository setup and want to switch over to GIT, but we're currently not sure what exact GIT setup will work for us. We're currently using SVN (w/ Authz) + Apache (w/ WebDAV &...
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Apache httpd: How can I Deny from all, Allow from subnet, but Deny from IP within that subnet?

I am running CentOS 5.5 with the stock Apache httpd-2.2.3. I have enabled mod_status at the Location /server-status. I would like to allow access to this single Location in the following way: Deny ...
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Apache, use X-Forwarded-For for allow

How can use X-Forwarded-For headers(my proxy ip 10.1.1.x) to allow HTTP query?
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