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HTML5 Audio not working for Android

I am creating a page with an embedded audio player that works on all systems I have tested, except on Android. The players do appear on the page, but you cannot start them playing. I've tried both ...
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Apache returns 206 for some MP3's

We're trying to serve MP3 files from Most of the time everything works fine. However, sometimes there's a file that the browser is unable to play, and I have no idea why. Here is an ...
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Apache doesn't send me an MP3 header even when I use a direct address to the file

Apache doesn't send me an MP3 header even when using a direct address to the file. It means I can play it with Flash audio players on my web pages, but when I tried to download from the direct address ...
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serving mp3s to mobile devices is flooding nginx with partial requests

I am serving mp3s with a minimalistic nginx server. What I see in my log files is that there are a lot of requests, in particular from AppleCoreMedia and sometimes Android useragents, that flood the ...
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Manage MP3 ID3 tags server-side

I'm looking for a script / software to edit and keep track of a remote mp3 storage. Especially I want to edit ID3-Tags.. Any ideas? Does such a manager software exist?
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How can I transcode a FLV video directly to mp3 on CentOS?

Okay so i have this idea for a weekend project where I want to transcode flv/mp4 streams directly into mp3 format. How can I easily do that via PHP/Apache on a CentOS Server? (hopefully not as CPU ...
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What kind of server is used by sites like Pandora or to serve media files?

What kind of server is used by sites like Pandora or to serve media files? I am assuming they would have something other than webserver for storing and serving media files... what are some of ...
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What lightweight solution can you recommend to stream MP3 files?

I need to stream MP3 files to a client running Flash. Streaming is the key here, no progressive downloads allowed. What free server can you recommend? I know Red5 but it seems a bit overkill for our ...
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How do you deal with mp3, avi etc on server storage?

Do you have a "delete first ask questions later" policy for music and movie files? Or are you more lenient? Just wondering if there's a difference between how large and small organizations deal with ...
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