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Get file exif data in NGINX

In the following code I'm setting some variables with info about the image (like the title, URL, etc.) location /photo { ssi on; ssi_last_modified on; set $photosrc /photos/$...
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Change file name in linux is is change in mtime or ctime

I created a file called as test.war. If I change it to test.war.backup by copying and renaming via cp command, is this change in mtime or ctime? What about for rename mv command, is it ctime or mtime
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gsutil "Copying mtime from src to dst" having moved source files?

I use gsutil to backup photos from a dedicated box to google nearline storage. Recently I moved all of my photos from that dedicated box to a new dedicated box. I made sure to use the relevant ...
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Linux find and -mtime usage

I have two different linux based systems where the find command doesn't seem to be working as expected. I have a directory. In it I run... ls -l and the system returns... drwxr-xr-x 2 panopticon36 ...
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Invalid argument when running 'find' command with -exec and -mtime

Pretty wierd error message came up on Centos. I tried to run this command: find /tmp/something -type f -mtime +2h -exec cp '{}' /tmp/target \; And the error I've got: find: invalid argument `-exec'...
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find directories in the current directory, older than 5 days and archive them

This is basic questions. I need to find folders in the current working directory(not recursively) and if they are older than 5 days archive them. zip or tar.gz is fine. I can find the folders with ...
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How to list every file that is written to, on Linux?

What is the best way of getting a list of all files which have been written to, since power on? Is a simple find (with mtime) best for this, or are there other ways? (find won't list files which are ...
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Using find to locate files modified in Aug

I need to find files modified in August. Here's my portion of the command that narrows down the modification time. This works, but it seems to be missing some files. I'm guessing this is missing ...
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Does directory mtime always change when a new file is created inside?

Is it always true that when a new file is created in a directory - the directory's mtime changes?
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watchdog daemon file change interval?

I'm trying to setup the watchdog daemon to run on my Fedora 12 system. I know exactly what I want it to do ... but I'm unsure as to exactly configure it. Mainly due to inexact documentation. What I ...
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Why does "find -mtime" not work as expected on files with different timezones?

I have some files on a server with the date several months ago, but they are invisible to find -mtime 7 search. When I list them with ls -l, they look perfectly normal: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root ...
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