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mTLS, Openshift route, and reencrypt mode

I'm not a cluster admin and don't want to enable mTLS on all routes/ingress. Just one, for a specific service. So a lot of the "how to enable mTLS on Openshift" doesn't apply. Anyway, I ...
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nginx in front of Rails

We want to put nginx with mTLS in front of our Rails app. We want that mTLS is turned on only if request goes trough specific domain. E.g.: I want that works without mTLS, however I ...
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Apache reverse proxy mTLS only between client and proxy, regular TLS between proxy and backends

am trying to create an apache reverse proxy (for webservices) where i need Imutual authentication (mTLS) between clients and the proxy itself, but i don't need mTLS between the proxy & the ...
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How do I can make mTLS using HttpClient to check the certificate on the server

I want to check the SSL/TLS certificate on the server side, so, on the client, when I do var webHandler = new WebRequestHandler(); var cert = new X509Certificate2(Path, Pass); webHandler....
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nginx default_server breaks mTLS clients when 404 is encountered before other statuses

There's an nginx reverse proxy with several server blocks like this one: upstream nodes_app3-ui { server; server; server; }...
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