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NetBSD is an open-source Unix-like operating system. It is descended from Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) and one of the three most popular BSD operating systems.

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NetBSD + openLDAP + SASL

I try to set up a connection to a openLDAP server running on NetBSD 10 via TLS and SASL. When I try ldapsreach -Y EXTERNAL I get ldapsearch: not compiled with SASL support and ldd /usr/bin/ldapsearch ...
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How to configure NetBSD to accept vlan tagged packets

I am trying to set up a NetBSD install with a static ip that is on a vlan. The router is set up to only allow other vlans to access this vlan, but not the other way around. So the NetBSD install ...
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chroot not able to start service - not found. What is missing?

I would like to run a service inside a chroot in a NetBSD 9.1 amd64 system. The service runs if invoked from OS. The service in question is dendrite-monolith-server. I just copied the file for ease ...
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Non-standard IP address with dashes

I ran the who command on a shared NetBSD box, and this weird user IP came up: <redacted> pts/33 May 13 02:13 (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) <redacted> pts/35 May 12 20:59 (202-172-110-147-) <...
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NetBSD web server performance

I am interesting in the difference web server performance between Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD since I have heard that NetBSD and FreeBSD have the good TCP/IP implementation. As the result, I setup VMs ...
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Poor IPsec over GRE performances

I have set up an IPsec over GRE connection with a remote host, both are NetBSD 6.1 based. The "client" is connected to the Internet through a 400Mbps fiber connection. The "server" is located on a ...
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Archive & analyse network logs from NetBSD on another machine

I want to use the the new NetBSD's NPF firewall on a gateway that also has the legal obligation to log the traffic for 1 year. To offload the gateway, I though to put the logging stuff (and IDS, quota ...
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How to log ssh client connection/command?

I would like to know how i could log SSH command lines a user is using on a server. For exemple, if the user Alex on my server is doing the following set of commands : $ cd /tmp $ touch myfile $ ssh ...
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netbsd: How to read cdrom labels

I'm trying to create a NetBSD image to be used on my opennebula cloud, and for its contextualization I need to look for a disk labeled "CONTEXT", in fact it is a cdrom, usually on debian I would look ...
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Password Change With Command Line On NetBSD

How can I change root password with one line command on NetBSD? On FreeBSD, it's something like this echo "password" | pw mod user root -h 0 ;
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102 votes
15 answers

ssh tunnel refusing connections with "channel 2: open failed"

All of a sudden (read: without changing any parameters) my netbsd virtualmachine started acting oddly. The symptoms concern ssh tunneling. From my laptop I launch: $ ssh -L 7000:localhost:7000 user@...
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NetBSD syslog timestamp format

Syslog uses a timestamps like the following: Sep 19 13:36:56 Is there a way to adjust the format (to add the year for example) without touching the source code? I am some what shocked to find that ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Which BSD best suited to run as VMware guest?

I want to deploy a VM to serve DNS and files (via NFS) to other *nix systems in my infrastructure. Due to reasons beyond my control, I need a very light OS, so I naturally choose the *BSD family. ...
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ZFS or hardware RAID5

I got couple servers not long time ago with pre-installed hardware RAID5. I plan to use those servers as a dedicated NAS (with some VMs) on my LAN. Currently I see these options: disconnect HDDs ...
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2 answers

Portable firewall rules for Linux and Free/Net/Open/DragonFlyBSD

I need apply the same rules (lists of IPs with allow and drop rules) in firewalls of Linux and *BSD. Do you know some application (CLI) for to convert a list of rules in the specific format of each ...
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5 votes
3 answers

What are some specific changes you make when hardening a new NetBSD install?

I know most of the general advice: "turn off unnecessary services", "no really, turn off unnecessary services", "least privilege", etc. I've also seen a few guides and/or tools, e.g., Bastille, for ...
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Best OS for a web server hosting dynamic content in Apache?

I have the freedom to pick an OS for a server, so I want to dedicate my time and effort in learning one platform. My main objective is to start with something that would be as efficient as possible ...
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Troubles installing KDE with pkgsrc

Im in school right now and I have taken two classes, Networking and Unix Development, that focus on C programming in Unix. Specifically we have been using NetBSD for our machines that we develop on (...
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OS router distribution with very low memory footprint?

I'm looking for an os router distribution with a very low memory footprint. I want to start it in a VM to join multiple VM subnets together in a lab environment. Anything that requires that the host ...
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NetBSD 5.0 SMP Perfomance for Dom0/DomU

Since the release of NetBSD 5.0, it is said that the work of Doran Andrew concerning SMP in the NetBSD kernel has improve drastically performance for multi-threaded and/or multi-core processors. ...
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