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Is there a remote filesystem for Linux that's encrypted and resilient against unreliable servers?

I've tried many combinations of sshfs and SMB, with autofs and/or manual mounts in a Cron job, and I've always had freezing / long timeout issues when servers become unavailable or weren't available ...
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how to disable/remove nfs4 acl, and back to original linux access control?

I have add nfs4 acl for a directory in nfs client, but can not use "chown/chgrp" after add nfs4 acl, now I want to give up nfs4 acl, and back to original linux simple access control, how to ?...
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How to allow rw NFS share in a heterogeneous environment (GNU/Linux, Windows)

I have a NFS server on Ubuntu 20.04. My /etc/exports looks like /home/user2,sync) /home/user3,sync) On a Windows 10, I mount the folder using "Connect a network ...
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Read only filesystem populated on demand

Basically I have a file system that is accessible both by NFS and ssh. I need a copy of this on my local. But I want to pull only those files that I need (basically cache them on demand). Since I'll ...
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Linux: Mount a remote disk stored on a custom storage

We have a non-standard storage (FS) on which we have flat disk images stored. We need to extract data from this raw image on a different host. The word "extraction" here means that I want to copy ...
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Mounting Single San Drive on Multiple Hosts

I'm not sure exactly how to ask this, but here goes. We have a san. Within the san, we have the ability to connect a single volume to multiple systems as a raw disk. The Servers themselves would see ...
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Which network file systems can deal with huge amount of subdirectories?

I need a network file system that can be accessed from multiple machines as the same time and that it will still be able to keep like 100.000 subdirectories of a single directory. In case someone is ...
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Distributed filesystem for storing temporary files

We have a cluster of web servers that currently stores temporary files (that have been uploaded by users) on a central shared filesystem. The limitation being that anytime the server containing the ...
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Storing Solr indexes on a NFS mount

Are there are any performance considerations / drawbacks of storing Solr index files on a NFS mount?
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Common filesystem for servers behind a rackspace load balancer

Our PHP application consists of a single web server that will receive files from clients and perform a CPU-intensive analysis on them. Right now, analysis of a single user upload can take 3sec to ...
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Is it possible to import file system owned by a single user and export as multiple virtual volumes, owned by multiple users?

Is it possible to import a file system owned by a single user, (e.g. mounted via NFS) and export it again as multiple virtual volumes, owned by multiple users, where each volume is a folder on the ...
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Secure Network Filesystems for Linux: What are people doing?

NFSv3 is widespread, but the default security model is... quaint. CIFS can use Kerberos authentication, but without POSIX semantics it's a non-starter. AFS never did encrypt traffic on the wire and ...
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Reference network file in command line with SSH protocol

I'm trying to reference a file in the command line, but I keep getting the 'No such file or directory' error. The system uses SSH for the protocol. Examples (that cause error): grep regex <...
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What can I do to replace FTP?

I'd like to replace FTP access with systems that are more secure. Sending passwords in plain text with no encryption is unacceptable and with single-sign-on growing, becoming less acceptable daily. ...
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