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Send push notification from a internal server

Background I have a smart home application written in java and spring. It runs from a raspberrypi inside my home network 192.168.x.x. For security reasons I do not want to control it from internet. ...
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Naemon still sending DOWN notifications for removed host

I shutdown an old web server, and immediately started receiving DOWN notifications from Naemon. Now I have removed that host entirely from the Naemon config, and restarted the Naemon service. Yet I ...
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Zabbix send email to only one user

I configured trigger action to sending email to 3 users, but only one user recaives email notifications. I checked bellow: All users set to enable email in media All users set to availabity 24/7 and ...
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How to send pending shutdown message to systemd services

I'm using Fedora CoreOS with the automatic updater enabled, which is great for my use case. Already, when logged in interactively, the system warns about an imminent shutdown/restart via the console, ...
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Check_MK: Custom User Notification goes to all users not to the one in Contact Groups

I would like to kindly ask for some advice. I have configuration that looks like this: Users are in Contact Groups. In Host Folders I have permissions to Contact Groups. And Hosts inherits this ...
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"Tags" blade during Azure Notificaiton Hubs setup

I'm setting up a new Notification Hub and I've come across a new tab/blade that I'm unsure what to do with. I don't recall seeing this blade in the past. I understand the notion of "tags" as ...
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What are some good patterns for cleaning up noisy logging alerts

In addition to traditional logging from applications going into e.g. Elasticsearch, an organisation may have an alerting system "Sentry" that receives log messages/exception events sent by ...
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GMail and Yahoo not accepting DSN option from RCPT extended commands

i'm sending mail from my mail server using python sendmail along with NOTIFY,RET,ENVID options. When i send a mail in above said procedure to an outlook mail id i'm receiving dsn. But when i send a ...
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Nagios notifications coming from NRPE client machine (NOT the Nagios server)

I have Nagios running on a Debian Jessie master server, with NRPE running on a Debian client. The root@localhost is getting a slew of emails - apparently originating from Nagios (NRPE) on the client, ...
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Does nagios XI support notifcations based on a threshold percentage of the number of services in a hostgroup that are in a critical state?

Say there's a hostgroup defined on a Nagios server; and that hostgroup has a notification set up to go off when a certain service or services reach a critical state then a notification email will be ...
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Windows 10 - Disable warning notification about disabled firewall via GPO

Is there a way to disable the warning that is displayed in the notifications area, telling you that the Windows firewall is disabled? Edit: We would specifically like to achieve this via group policy,...
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Is it a sufficient emergency security measure to send an immediate mail notification when someone logs in through ssh?

Send me an e-mail whenever someone logs in via SSH Talking about this here, is this enough to prevent any damage (or more, being able to limit it through being notified of it) to your server should ...
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check_mk BI notifications

I'm trying to configure Check_MK 1.2.8p20 (multisite-enabled) to work with BI notifications. I've set up the service account, have my aggregations working, but, upon check, I receive: ERROR: Invalid ...
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Desktop notifications for failed cron jobs on Ubuntu/Unity

How can I receive notifications of failed cron jobs via my Unity desktop environment? The age-old solution of having cron send emails is problematic as my ISP doesn't provide an SMTP server, and it's ...
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How to send notifications about failing compliance in Rudder?

Think the title says it all but I want to send an email to someone when the compliance for a node isn't 100%. I can't seem to find anywhere to do this in the portal is there a another way?
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Changed an action in Zabbix, notifications still get sent to old e-mail

I'm using (and am new to) Zabbix 3.0 on CentOS 7. I successfully created an action that sends e-mail to one user. When a condition (e.g. a filesystem more than 80% full) happens, an e-mail gets sent ...
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Icinga2: How to do notification in waves?

I am currently setting up my Icinga2 in a new structure and wanted to add a few features. I am done with 90% but I miss exactly one feature: Notify me in a wave. Let me explain: Whenever an error ...
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Mail when root logs in but not from local host

I followed these instructions How to Get Root and User SSH Login Email Alerts You have to add this code to .bashrc `echo 'ALERT - Root Shell Access (ServerName) on:' `date` `who` | mail -s "Alert: ...
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Suppress windows 'updates are available' notification on server 2012

In our test environment, we approve updates in WSUS and all machine in the test OU are set to automatically download and notify to install these updates. The scheduled install time is Saturday night, ...
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Client notifications in a domain

We are interested in sending notifications to our user clients in a windows domain. So for example before restarting the file server (windows server 2016) we would like to inform (with a pop-up or so ...
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Icinga2: How to control if master or satellite notifies?

I created an apply rule for notifications within an Icinga2 global zone: apply Notification "mail-icingaadmin" to Service { import "mail-service-notification" user_groups = ["icingaadmins"] ...
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Windows UAC disabled but I'm still getting the elevation pop-up

I have UAC disabled on my Windows 2008R2. Why am I still getting UAC "Windows needs your permission to continue" window before trying to change Owner of a folder? My user is a member of the ...
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