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OpenStack Nova provides a cloud computing fabric controller, supporting a wide variety of compute technologies, including libvirt (KVM, Xen, LXC, etc.), Hyper-V, VMware, XenServer, OpenStack Ironic, PowerVM.

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openstack fails in pci clam and cached bad data

I have openstack instance with one controller node and 2 compute nodes, our production works fine until 3 days ago, but now if we want to create instance with RTX-3090-flavor instance creating fails ...
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Error Detatching Cinder Volumes in Openstack

When I try and detach cinder volumes in openstack they do not detach properly. They just get stuck in detaching. The same thing happens if I delete an instance. The instance deletes fine but the ...
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Openstack - Failed to Create Instance using Availability Zone parameter

Summary I have fairly small Openstack Cluster with 2 AZ : AZ-GOLD-6248R have 3 compute node and AZ-E5-2630 have 1 compute node (both AZ had different specs) I can create instance to AZ-E5-2630 using ...
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Nova setup error (MissingAuthPlugin)

so when i was following Openstack Yoga installation i got error adding nova-conductor and nova-scheduler.enter image description here when i read conductor's log, it said CRITICAL nova [-] Unhandled ...
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Openstack nova cold migration failing on rocky 9 due to sftp subsystem error

I have deployed a multinode deployment of OpenStack using kolla ansible (deployed following the openstack deployment guide) on 2 rocky linux 9.1 machines. When attempting to migrate one instance ...
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openstack nova have a long startup after the fast created volume

i have reinstalled OpenStack with the newest version (Yoga) and all base modules. The system is running fine but the time between the creation of the volume and the startup ist very long with ~10 ...
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OpenStack: Too many Database idle Connections

I use PostgreSQL as a DB backend for all OpenStack Services on 3 Controllers. When all 3 controllers are started with no load, the number of connections are up to 700. And all of this conns are in ...
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auto cinder volume when creating nova instance via REST API

When i use horizon to create a nova instance, it is creating volume based on selected flavor and image. But when i determine flavorRef and ImageRef via rest api endpoint, the created instance has no ...
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OpenStack Nova fails to connect to libvirt (not socket issue!)

We're trying to deploy OpenStack on hardened Debian-based Linux distro via Kolla-ansible and we seem to be almost done but facing the issue with the nova_compute container which complaints: 2021-09-12 ...
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Failed to install openstack nova-consoleauth ussuri on ubuntu 18.04

I am trying install openstack compute service and after adding ubuntu archive repository with ussuri, installing nova-consoleauth gives this error: nova-consoleauth : Depends: nova-common (= 2:17.0.13-...
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Connection timeouts from Nova_compute to Keystone, RabbitMQ etc

I've working on (and off) a deployment of Openstack over the past few months (nearly a year), and I've come across a number of issues during the deployment, most of which was either bad switch ...
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Freezer-scheduler Critical Error: Incremental nova backup is not supported

I have some issues with my freeze-scheduler job. I try to backup one instance and I got this error : 2020-12-21 14:15:06.512 4068 INFO freezer.main [-] Begin freezer agent process with args: ['/usr/...
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How to run openstack components' cli without SSL validation?

(I use IPv6_Address instead of real IP address) .openrc setting: export OS_CLOUD=mycloud export OS_USERNAME=myusername export OS_PASSWORD=mypassword export OS_PROJECT_NAME=myproject export ...
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Create an instance on a particular volume type in OpenStack

I'm not able to figure out, how to easily boot new instance while creating new Cinder volume from Glance image on particular volume type. I know I can create cinder volume with specific volume type ...
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