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Questions tagged [onedrive-for-business]

OneDrive for Business is personal online storage space in the cloud, provided for you by your company. Use it to store and protect your work files while accessing them across multiple devices with ease. ... Sync files to your local computer using the OneDrive for Business sync client

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How would I trace what system call or executable a Windows tool uses to delete user profiles?

First, some background. I deal with a lot of end user desktop support involving Onedrive. Sometimes, if the Onedrive client completely borks itself and its library, we must rebuild. Usually this ...
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How to migrate User Data to OneDrive without granting administrators permissions

Performing a migration of all users "personal" files to OneDrive and I'm quite new to this all. My small organization is in the process of migrating to SharePoint and OneDrive, and our Users ...
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OneDrive on RDS Windows stuck listing folders and files

This is a bit awkward because I've already wasted tons of hours with no result, this is my last chance. Problem OneDrive sometimes (90%) is stuck on loading folders and files, but just listing them. ...
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Best solution for storing files securely in a office where multiple people use the same PCs all with admin windows accounts

We're a small business with 5 employees. As such owners and employees share the same PCs. The owners might have documents which as sensitive in nature and the employees could be using the same PCs and ...
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How to remove OneDrive via PowerShell

Just wondering if anyone can successfully uninstall OneDrive using PowerShell on Windows 10/11. The uninstall flag on the executable doesn't remove it even if processes are killed first. OneDriveSetup....
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Steps for migrating user home directory to OneDrive for Business

I need to migrate or move the HomeDrives of all corporate users into OneDrive for Business. There are approximately 600+ user directories in a total of 4.5 TB The entire users have been assigned of ...
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OneDrive for business data retention post license deactivation

OneDrive for business data retention post license deactivation My client doesn't want his users to use OneDrive for business. They want to use Sharepoint on-premise. Unfortunately few of the users ...
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How can one delete nested folders from OneDrive using the web?

I'm using OneDrive. I access it entirely via the web. I'm not on a Windows box. And I'm not about to install OneDrive sync software. I've accidentally dragged a project folder that had a lot of ...
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Is OneDrive Personal safe for Intellectual Property? [closed]

I am running a startup and I am just using my OneDrive personal for all my intellectual property. Is this safe? Couldn't a Microsoft employee just look in the files and take whatever they want? Is ...
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Redirect Known Folder Locations automatically to Onedrive not to working properly (my documents)

We are have planning to migrate our Files to Onedrive4B and as part of the requirements we have been asked to Redirect Known Folders to Onedrive in our case (Desktop, Pictures and Documents). Our ...
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User having onedrive issues

A client of mine i setup user permissions for their business ( files kept getting deleted or misplaced so i changed it that they cant edit since when you make changes it deletes the file and replaces ...
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Expected Behavior for SharePoint Online/OneDrive Collaboration

I am trying to better understand the different "modes of operation" that are enabled by using the OneDrive client with SharePoint Online. For the sake of simplicity let's assume that all documents ...
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Setting One Drive Sync Folders through Group Policy

It it possible to set certain folders (such as Documents/Downloads) to automatically sync on One Drive (sync client is installed on local machines) through Group Policy? Or is this something that ...
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OneDrive / SharePoint - Remotely stop user's folder sync

I must be missing something, but I can't see any way to stop a certain SharePoint folder from syncing to a user's local OneDrive folder. Our file servers are almost full because of two users who ...
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Prevent Office apps from saving to OneDrive by default

In an upcoming update to Office 365, desktop apps will default to save in OneDrive rather the local drive or redirected profile. This is obviously going to be a pain to have to teach every user this ...
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