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Retrieving data from "literal data packet" or store file

I regularly receive data using pgp encryption. Typically if I run a gpg --list-packets on a file I see the file as a "pubkey enc packet" then an item about my private key. At that point I ...
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Generate fingerprint with PGP Public Key

I have a PGP public key and I need to get the fingerprint for it. My Public key is as such: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQlDBF4w............................ . . . =uYgH -----END PGP PUBLIC ...
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How to enable SSL/TLS on the SKS keyserver?

I have local keyserver that I can access using http://serveraddress:11371. I want to enable TLS on that keyserver, how should I proceed?
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Why does duplicity need a passphrase for OpenPGP encryption?

I'd like to use duplicity to backup files and I'd like to encrypt them with GnuPG. I was wondering why duplicity asks for a passphrase to encrypt the files. For asymmetric encryption the passphrase is ...
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