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Questions tagged [openstack]

OpenStack is a collection of open source projects that enables an open, scalable cloud infrastructure. The core of OpenStack is meant to provide consistent APIs and interfaces to a variety of potential back-ends.

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Why does host swap out VMs when there are 16GB of buffer cache and swappiness = 0? [duplicate]

I have a desktop running Ubuntu Quantal using OpenStack Folsom on an Intel i5 with 32 GB RAM and 2 GB swap. I'm running 7 VMs each sized like a EC2 m1.small, so 1.7 GB RAM each. I'm using KVM. As I ...
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2 answers

What is the correct network configuration for a devStack VM (virtualbox)?

Usually when I setup a new Ubuntu VM, i keep the eth0 in NAT mode to get the internet & I add a eth1 interface in HostOnly mode so that I can ssh. But using this devStack guide : Running a Cloud ...
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Does nova support pxe boot?

I'm working on an OpenStack-based project. Now we need a virtual machine to boot from PXE. I cannot find any document about that. Does nova support PXE boot? If yes, how do I create a KVM image that ...
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Login to Openstack Horizon Failed

I setup Openstack Horizon using the official Guide But now I can not login. I checked the credentials with the CLI client and they ...
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Finding exact amount of used RAM in OpenStack's web interface Horizon

In OpenStack's web interface Horizon I can see: Is there any way to have a more precise figure on how much RAM is being used? The best I have found so far is to look at the page source: but it only ...
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1 vote
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Why is module os_keypair not returning private_key?

I am deploying to Rackspace Cloud with the OpenStack ansible module. I am facing an issue with the SSH keypair creation. It creates the public key, and installs it on the host. However I can see that ...
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OpenStack – Instance not respoding

I have an issue with OpenStack. I'm using OpenStack as a Service and trying to get an instance to respond to ping. Can someone help getting the connection to work? I've tried to ping and SSH to the ...
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What does the "1" state mean in OpenStack's web interface Horizon CSV Summary?

In OpenStack's web interface Horizon, under Project Overview we can Download CSV Summary: What does state 1 mean?
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Instance and restore volume by backup openstack

I try to restore volume with backup_id using rest api and it was successful. But while the restore is in progress, I call the api to create another instance. I don't understand why the instance is not ...
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openstack rest API start/stop server

I have created server via the web UI of my hosting provider. I want to be able to stop (shutdown) and start this server on demand from another server via their Openstack API. I am using php-...
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Can't ssh into Centos vm in Openstack

In Openstack, I can spawn ubuntu and fedora images and ssh into them. But when I am trying the same with Centos image (6.5 or 7), then my key is refused (or even ignored) and I am proposed to use ...
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