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Opera Mini Compression Technology

I'm trying to find the technology used in Opera Mini's browser. I can't find anything related to this, so I would like to know if anyone knows whether there exists a paper on this or if there is ...
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nginx redirect that forces update of URL in the browser

I have a very basic nginx setup that redirects to, following the best practice. It works, and in the Tor Firefox browser, going to indeed ...
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How does Opera Unite setup a web server without port forwarding?

Opera Unite installs a web server on the user's computer and allows it to be accessible with end-to-end connectivity to the client - without port forwarding in the case of those behind routers. From ...
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Opera unite as a daemon

Is it possible to run an opera unite server without the browser? Say for instance I want to use my always-on FreeBSD server, which doesn't run X.
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File upload issue with Django app running under Apache/mod_wsgi when daemonized

I've got a Django app running under Apache2 (linux) using mod_wsgi and file uploads fail when running in daemon mode but works when the python interpreter is embedded. Any idea what could be causing ...
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Ubuntu + Opera (ipv6 issue)

Did anyone manage to get Opera working on Ubuntu 9.04? It's trying to resole domain names in IPv6 way, and somehow gets a zero-reply from the gateway (ip-address of much zeroes), and fails to connect. ...
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64-bit web browsers for Windows?

Notice: This post was relevant to a specific time period. Most of the answers contained herein are outdated, for many the situation described has simply changed. Caveat Emptor What 64-bit web ...
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Is Opera Unite a security risk, and is there an easy way to block it?

Given that Opera Unite allows users to share files (music, photos, etc.) through firewalls and without a web server, it seems to be a security risk for the enterprise. An article on this at ZDNet: ...
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