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Using PAT to authenticate against AzureDevops Git in AzApi Terraform Provider

I am trying to use the AzApi Terraform Provider to install fluxcd on a k8s cluster running on Azure Cloud. Fluxcd should then look for changes in a AzureDevops Git Repo. In the AzApi Terraform Flux ...
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Docker Hub login with Personal Access Token fails

Windows 11 I setup Two-Factor Authentication and generated Personal Access Token (PAT) Docker Desktop is running. cmd.exe docker login --username <email for my account> Password: ...
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Cisco ASA 5510 ASDM 6.4 (2) unable to do port translation

I have a situation, where I want to do port translation. For example I can acces my service outside ip:8081 that is forwaded to server:8080. I should have a NAT rule option to add PAT like in this ...
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How to mapping ports from a single public IP to multiple internal servers in Fortigate Firewall?

I have one public IP and I want to use it for 3 servers behind Fortigate Firewall, two for RDP and one for Mail server. I can NAT one public ip to one private local ip but I can not NAT to Multiple ...
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Iptables NAT (PAT) A to B to C and back

I want to access via SSH a DB server from an outside network via a linux (CentOS) gateway with two interfaces in separate networks as it follow below: Admin PC IP: Linux GW IP eth1 ...
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Cisco ASA 5505: PAT / NAT between 2 IPSec Tunnels

I've the following Setup: Customer <-> HQ <-> Branchoffice The Customer has a subnet. On the HQ only the VPN Gateway is in my context, . And on the Branchoffice side ...
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CISCO: conditional port-based NAT (policy-based PAT)?

I have a problem to nat-translate inbound http packets to different local_ips based on some condition (like dscp bits set). Actually the dscp bits get set on the incoming trafic using NBAR. I hope ...
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Advanced NAT - Mix PAT with NAT

I've just configured an Ubuntu Server as a router with NAT/PAT, and I'm trying to do the following thing: I work for a school that has divided its network into smaller networks connected by routers. ...
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routing behaviour (PAT/NAT)

|(eth0: +--------------+ | | | NAT router | | | ...
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NAT/PAT port and address selection

I am currently having some issues with TCP port reused too often (under 2 minutes) for a source NAT and I was wandering what is the algorithm used to select the IP and port for a SNAT. Here is some ...
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NAT with iptables: need help understanding

i am trying to learn NAT with iptables but i ran into some confusions. i am having two virtual machines with ips 18.43 lets say B and 18.42 C running webservers on port 80. i need to NAT every ...
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4 answers

Trying to setup NAT from 2 outside IPs to the same private IP

Cisco ASA 5510 I currently have a NAT for SMTP on one outside IP to an internal IP. I need to setup 2 external IPs to NAT to the same IP internally. How can I do that? ex: 25 --> 192.168....
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2 answers

Cut over ASA global PAT address without connection drops

We're currently PATing everything from a particular subnet to the IP of an outside interface using our ASA5585 (dynamic PAT). We're experiencing pool exhaustion and therefore need to expand the global ...
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How widespread is double (or more) NAT/PAT?

Background: I'm working on a hole punching service with UDP, and in order to differentiate users under the same public IP, I've thought of making the user also send their local IP. That way, I killed ...
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NAT confusion regarding cisco ASA5510

I'm setting up my first cisco firewalls. A little information first:I have two asa5510 setup in a working active/standby pair. From my ISP i have two public subnets. A /29 and a /26. On my DMZ ...
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Port Address Translation via Local Desktop

Recommendations for how I might configure Windows and Macs to perform port address translation locally. Need to test a web service that sits on port 99. The client application I am testing (think ...
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cisco 1800 series NAT port forwarding for mail sending

I have centOS mail & web servers configured in a computer in LAN. My cisco router carries a external IP needs translation so that any request to my global IP at http port will be forwarded to my ...
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CISCO PAT 2 different outside ports, on one ip-address, to 1 inside port on one ip-address

I have a problem with our new corporate CISCO ASA5510 firewall. With our old firewall it was possible to do the following PAT: outside -> inside -> -> 192....
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PAT can't access website, but NAT can

My original question was here: PAT users can't access website, but NAT users can? I got a static IP now and just assumed it worked because i got no response after it was enabled, but then i was ...
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PAT users can't access website, but NAT users can?

I'm a web developer who makes and maintains websites so I don't have extensive knowledge of networking. I work for a small company that uses a third party hosting service to host our website. One of ...
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How do I combine static and dynamic DHCP leases on a Cisco router?

Basically, what I need is super similar to the unanswered cisco forum question below: I have a Cisco 850 Series router. I have configured a ...
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3 answers

NAT / PAT Theoretical Question

Given the following simplistic network Network [IMG][/IMG] Would it be ...
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wrt54g Port Address Translation

I have 1 server that is already taking up port 80 (a live site), and I have another server running wordpress mu that can ONLY run on port 80. Is there a way with my router to transfer port 81 to ...
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