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OneDrive on RDS Windows stuck listing folders and files

This is a bit awkward because I've already wasted tons of hours with no result, this is my last chance. Problem OneDrive sometimes (90%) is stuck on loading folders and files, but just listing them. ...
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FIO 17x slower on ZFS than raw device

I have ZFS pool RAIDZ-1 on 4 x 3.84TB SATA3 'enterprise' SSDs. zfs create rpool/fio zfs set primarycache=none rpool/fio fio --ioengine=sync --filename=[X] --direct=1 --rw=read --bs=4K --numjobs=1 --...
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Similar ZFS performance on HDD and SSD

I've created two zfs pools (one with ssds, the other rust) and run bonnie against each to try to understand their performance but I find the output somewhat confusing as the performance seems ...
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GRE perfomance issue on Linux

I got a strange GRE perfomance issue. The setup is shown bellow. [host1] --- GRE over Eth 1G --- [linux router] --- Eth 10G --- [host2] Iperf transfer rate host1>host2 reaches 950Mbps. It encreases ...
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Is it possible to configure Apache-Tomcat with specific number of cores?

Is it possible to configure an Apache Tomcat (v7) with an specific number of cores? How can I specify it? I'm developing in a machine with 4 cores, but when uploading to the server with 8 cores, the ...
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SSD Raid perfomance

Disks: 10xSSD Ultrastar SS200 960GB 12GB/s Raid 0, 6, 10. Controller: LSI Syncro 9380-8e Filesystem: ext4 without LVM System: Centos 7 2x E5620 @ 2.40GHz 32GB RAM fio-2.1.10: --iodepth=32 --ioengine=...
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Server is too slow eventhough hardware status seems normal?

I couldn't figure out what's going with our win2k8 server, everything working except its slow to respond and would take much longer to open any window or options than normal. All the status including ...
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Are my disks failing and causing high load on linux?

Today I did apt-get update && apt-get upgrade on Linux Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS server. Everything went fine. Four hours later monitoring tools alerted me that disk I/O is overloaded. I/O wait has ...
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Beyond 1Gb upload on a single linux server

I have a high hit nginx web server on CentOS that provides static large content. when the number concurrent connection are low, server could easily provide up to 4Gb of traffic , but when the number ...
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How to log/graph memory usage over time in Windows server?

Seems like an simple question, but using Resource monitor and Performance monitor, I only seem to get snapshots of memory usage. What is the best way to determine what available memory was at 03:00 ...
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vmware virtual sockets vs cores per socket

VMware configuration give me various options for upgrade the cpu of the virtual machine. Number of virtual sockets Number of cores per socket If I need 4 cpu in my linux box, which is better for ...
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optimize mysql queries perfomance and speed

i need some help in some mysql queries i'm trying to improve it's performance and speed i'm trying to figure out how to do that using mysql syntax . here is an snippet of a query function i use ...
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Are there any free software to test web server? [closed]

I wrote own http server. Are there any free software, test packages or toolset to validate whether it complies fully or partially with HTTP 1.0 (rfc 1945). And moreover it'd great if this software ...
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Fastest OS for Java applications

I have a multithreaded Java program. I am dealing with certain perfomance problems. I have improved everything. Hardware + Software. Now I think that it's time to move to proper Operating System. I ...
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Solid State Drive for SQL/OS

I'm looking at using SSD to improve DB performance in a large data warehouse. In our instance we know in advance that most of the data is write once, read many - especially as it's reference data. ...
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