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Nginx + php-fpm 8.1 - 502 Bad Gateway - Site down for hours until php-fpm manually restarted

I have a web server set up on Nginx and PHP-FPM (PHP version 8.1). It has worked fine for over a year now. Lately, I've noticed that the site would be down for hours - maybe once or twice a week. ...
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Can not compile php-curl ext with custom curl

I have libcurl installed here: /usr/local/curl-7.88.1/ I want to compile php-curl extension: # cd /usr/src/php-8.1.12/ext/curl/ # /usr/local/php81/bin/phpize Configuring for: PHP Api Version: ...
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PHP-FPM child processes terminate for no apparent reason

// FIXED Issue was Shopware 6.5 related After weeks of unsuccessful debugging, we are now hoping for help here. We have a system where we can create test instances for Shopware 5 and Shopware 6. The ...
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postfix send for one lan onlyif have 2 eth

I have server ubuntu whit 2 network card and i want output 1 lan for postfix and dns, other lan for http ,dns, ftp etc. My configuracion is : uname -a Linux 5.15.0-72-generic #79-...
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How to upgrade to php 8.1 on RHEL 8.7?

How to upgrade to php8.1 in RHEL 8.7, I went through various guides and ended up installing php:remi-8.1 which is desirable however, php-gd is not willing to be installed cause of missing libraries. ...
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ubuntu 22.10 conflict libpcre2-dev wth ppa deb sury installing php8.1-dev

I need phpize binary for install memcache with pecl, when I try to install the php8.1-dev in a Digital Ocean server, I get this: $ apt-get install php8.1-dev Reading package lists... Done Building ...
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