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Linux LVM - create a mirror, break it, take one of the pieces to a different system, use it there

Using LVM, I would like to create a mirror of a LV, sync it, break it off, attach the mirror-piece to a different system, use it there. Start with a ordinary linear LV. Here is the procedure I have: #...
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vSphere PortMirror: What does "Source/Destination" mean as in "Remote Mirroring Source" and "Remote Mirroring Destination"?

The following is from vSphere's admin doc: To begin a port mirroring session, you must specify the type of port mirroring session. Procedure Browse to a distributed switch in the vSphere Client ...'s user avatar
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Mirror incoming traffic on specific port to another IP, using my IPSec strongswan tunnel

I want to internally publish an SMTP server (IP that is behind a VPN tunnel on my internal server ( using strongswan. My strongswan is running within a docker container. For ...
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Mirrored traffic not reaching iptables logging

I want to log traffic details for every packet using IPTABLES on mirrored traffic coming from a switch on my interface em4 with -j LOG option. I saw a similar scenario here. em4 is in promisc mode. I'...
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Is a two-way communication possible over a mirror port?

I have a network like this: Server -- Router -- PCs I'd like to add a Raspberry to it so that it receives all packets sent from the Server to any PC, analyzes them, and sometimes it also sends some ...
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Lab of virtual computers connected to virtual switch with port forwarding

I have a lab in which I have three computers connected to a switch. two of the switch's ports are mirrored to a third port so that all the communication between the two computers is mirrored to the ...
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How to stop unauthorized website replication/mirroring

I'm running a website in a vps server (nginx). I recently found several other websites that are 100% duplicate of my website. Even when I change a post or delete files from my server, these other ...
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Raspberry Wi-Fi Access Point doesn't transmit traffic from mirror port [closed]

I'm setting up a Raspberry Pi as an Access Point (Wi-Fi) and I'd like to use it to monitor a switch traffic. I setted up a mirror port on a Cisco Catalyst switch and configured my Raspberry Pi to ...
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Monitoring traffic using Netflow: port mirroring or streaming?

We have a router that we need to monitor using NetFlow. The router is very important, so we are not allowed to enable Netflow on the router itself. Instead, it will have port mirroring enabled so ...
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Can openstack neutron integrate with an ethernet tap?

In our use case, we regularly need to capture traffic between every one of our nodes (telecom use, all signaling data is captured for generation of ladder diagrams/problem diagnosis/QoS validation). ...
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How are mirrored packets encapsulated and sent to the receiver?

I'm wanting to stress test an application I've written that takes in mirrored network traffic using Bro and processes it. I'd like to generate the traffic and present it to Bro in a way that's as ...
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rewrite destination IP of TEEed traffic

Server 1 and Server 2 (Centos 7) both host the same application, which listens on UDP port 1514. Server 1 receives traffic on this port. The goal is for the application on Server 2 to receive a copy ...
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make specified ip log filtering from port mirroring input with iptables [closed]

I have difficult to create an iptables rule of traffic coming from a switch that is configured as port mirroring. I checked if the traffic from my switch is sent with tcpdump -> Tcpdump detects ...
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Port mirroring not working through Vsphere

I have mirrored a port from Netgear switch to my VM on vsphere. I cannot see requests when using tcpdump to monitor the traffic, I only see replys. Netgear port mirror works as i have connected a ...
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ZyXel ES-2024 - Mirrored port showing duplicated traffic

I have a ZyXel ES-2024 PWD switch. I would like a computer plugged into port 26 to see all traffic that passes through port 2, both inbound and outbound. I have configured port mirroring for the ...
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How to enable Cisco switch port mirroring without rebooting?

I have a Cisco WS-C2960S-24TS-S switch and would like enable a port mirror for network analyzer (such as Snort). I could not see any options in the GUI interface. Is it possible, and how do I enable ...
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Optical mirroring

I have a 10G XPF+ optical cable with market updates from a stock exchange. This cable goes into a switch, which then mirrors every packet to a couple of computers over two ports. The problem with ...
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Port mirroring, 1 source, two destination disadvantages [closed]

What are the disadvantages of having two port mirroring sessions? I have a Cisco 2960 switch in which there is one session having Gi0/1 as source and Fa0/48 as destination. Is it possible to ...
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Network Tap (SPAN port) on FortiGate 100D (FortiOS 4.0MR3)

I'm dealing with a FortiGate 100D for the first time, and am scratching my head as there doesn't seem to be an easy way to mirror ports in the switch; which is really a facility that I presumed it ...
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Monitor traffic between two network switches using a transparent firewall

For debugging reasons i need to see what network traffic especially TCP is transmitted or not. I thought about using an Endian firewall for this, but it doesn't support 2 network interfaces with the ...
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SPAN/Mirrored port usage

I have a HP ProCurve switch with 24 ports. If I set up port 24 to mirror port 1 (which goes to my router), can I use port 24 for normal LAN access as well as to run something like ntop or bandwidthd? ...
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SFP port mirror on 5548 - not working

For the sake of monitoring my internet connection I have set up a port mirror on my Dell powerconnect 5548 from the SFP port to a 1Gb port on the switch, connected to my monitoring interface. The SFP ...
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Is it possible to mirror port to capture packets between VM host and VM?

I have 2 physical machines, A and B. A runs VMWare Workstation with a virtual machine C. C is using Bridged network interface. A and B are both connected via ethernet to a switch. B has two NIC's. ...
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HP Procurve 5406ZL - How to enable port-mirroring?

How would you enable port mirroring for a HP Procurve 5406ZL? The configuration guide is not very clear in the mirror-port function. I know that I'll need to use the mirror-port [[ethernet] PORT-NUM]...
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Port Mirror and 802.1Q

Does a port mirror send ethernet frames out of the switch-port with the 802.1Q header bytes still on the frame?
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XP box with 3 NICs on Server 2003 Domain

I have assigned all three NICs IP addresses that are outside the DHCP pool. I have 2 NICs are connected to 1 switch and the 3rd to my second switch. I want to assign one of the two NICs on the 1st ...
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vSphere Promiscuous mode only receiving packets one way from network switch

We have two network switches, a POE switch (SwitchA) to power our phones / users computers and a non-POE switch (SwitchB for the rest network.) Each switch is setup to do port mirroring to support ...
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