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Shoretel Connect: Create SIP Trunk Backup for Analog Trunk on SG90

I've worked with some VoIP Products before, mostly Asterisk (base version, build from source) management for a small ISP doing in-network VoIP solutions for customers. My current position hasn't ...
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FAX on VoIP line does not work

My provider switched me to an IP-based line. Now my analog ISDN (G3) Fax does not work anymore. Is there any way I can use the conventional Fax with a SIP connection? My Router supports T.38 Fax ...
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Asterisk isn't playing recording attachted to IVR

I've setup an IVR to pickup up incoming calls to allow them to enter an extension or press one to be dropped into the ring group for our office. The only issue is Asterisk isn't playing the WAV/MP3/...
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Odd POTS fax issue

I'm not a phone guy at all, but I have a strange problem. One of my clients' staff members has several fax machines on the same line (with staggered answering on number of rings for failover). I ...
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fax server farm architechture

I'm not sure this is the right forum for this, but it's not Stackoverflow so... I'm trying to figure out an architecture to solve the following problem, maybe someone here can help: I have a T1 ...