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Using Ppolicy in a provider peer cluster can trigger consumer refresh condition

My ldap consists of a cluster of 3 providers that all replicate to each other, and a fleet of consumers replicating from them, and we have ppolicy installed on our providers and consumers both, though ...
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What are the concerns of switching SSL providers?

Do search engine cares about the security provider used on the website? Say, the website has initially been using Letsencrypt, and then later migrates to another provider which is using Symantec ...
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What keeps IPs from being double claimed across the world?

When I connect to the internet, my provider assigns me an IP. If someone else does that at the exact same time in another country with a totally separate provider, what keeps them from getting the ...
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Financial Service Addendum in GCP ? (PSEE in France)

Do you know if Google Cloud Plateforme can add a specific addendum relative to the Financial requirements in this contacts ? For instance, when a client is a Financial Institution (a Bank for ...
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OraOLEDB.Oracle is not being showed in provider List for SSMS

I am trying to use the provider OraOLEDB.Oracle for SQL Server Management Studio in a Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, 64 bits edition. What I have done is: Installed the 32 and 64 bits version ...
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ISP provider for big sites? [closed]

I want to know what ISP is running sites like stackoverflow, basecamp, asana, etc. I guess not everyone is running on VPS as an in-house server can have much more horse power for the price than what ...
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Can Hosting Providers see our files? [closed]

I have recently started hosting a website on a famous provider paying for 1 years hosting. One day i had a problem and called cust.-care. What shocked me was, the person while advising me a solution, ...
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Multiple broadband providers for internal web servers

Maybe I am using the wrong search terms, but I am having problems finding the answer to my question. We have internal servers hosting our web site. We would like to bring in an alternate provider so ...
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Email server on AWS EC2

Recently I decided to move to Amazon Web Services and I'm happy with my decision, but I'm not sure if I should outsource the whole email-thing, because it seems to require a considerable ...
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How to manage one domain name across multiple providers?

I own several domain names, some for over a decade. A few years ago I moved them all to a Virtual Private Server, and all was well. A few months ago I had to move to a different VPS provider, which ...
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Two hosting providers running simultaneously... possible / not possible? good practice / unnecessary?

For the sake of their reputation, I won't mention the names. But I'll just use: Business I worked for previously - ABC Web Dev Hosting company they used - XYZ Hosting I recently found out that XYZ ...
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How to get an authentication provider status list from IIS (for a Sharepoint site)?

I need to get the authentication provider status of a web application available in IIS through C# or Python code. Example: Is Basic Authentication available for X site?
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What are the "least legally restrictive" well-connected countries to host a website?

NB: I am aware that this question is subjective, as it can't be defined precisely, but the answers should still be "objective": Country name, and what makes it legally safer. EDIT: A) I am located in ...
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recommend a Satelite internet provider [closed]

A part of our team is in Afghanistan and they are now asking me to find an internet solution for their office. The only option I can think of is satellite internet access, but unfortunately I do not ...
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I need a web hosting provider [closed]

I have about 400 web sites to host and these sites are created by PHP+MySQL. I am looking for a cheap and good web hosting provider, any good idea? (BTW, I am not going to use Dreamhost)
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How to choose a storage company?

For an ad agency, I need to find a good storage company. There are some things to take in considerations : Support for different OS (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Xp/Vista) (if it matters) Internal/...
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What are my provider options for setting up high speed access to our office? [closed]

Which network providers have you worked with that provide good service?
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