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Questions tagged [quiesce]

Describes pausing or altering the state of running processes on a computer, particularly those that might modify information stored on disk during a backup, in order to guarantee a consistent and usable backup.

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virsh error: domain is already quiesced

My VM backup script fails while creating the snapshot. virsh snapshot-create-as --domain machine_1 snap --diskspec vda,file=/srv/test/test-snap.qcow2 --disk-only --atomic --no-metadata --quiesce ...
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RHEL6.1 VM machines frozen when a quiesced snapshot is created for backup purpose

My RHEL 6.1 virtual machines running on ESXi hosts 5.1.0 get frozen when the backup procedure tries to get a quiesced snapshot. I have to reset the virtual machines from VMware console. The tool used ...
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Can an ESXi 5.1 VM have Applicaiton Aware Image Processing enabled at the sametime it has Freeze/Thaw Scripts?

So you can't enable Application Aware Image Processing at the same time you have Freeze/Thaw scripts enabled. But in the event that you have a VSS Aware (such as SQL Server 2008 R2) database on ...
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Veeam backup of VMware ESXi VM's - is it a snapshot backup?

We run VMWare ESXi 5 and are looking at backup solutions. We found Veeam backup free edition and thought we would try it. At the start of the backup wizard, there is an option to disable "quiescing ...
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XenServer and Quiesced snapshots

At work we use XenServer to administrate all the VM's. Now I wrote a script which enables Linux machines quiesced support. The script works absolutely fine. It activates if someone triggers a quiesced ...
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Is it possible to quiesce ms-access for a database backup using VSS?

I was on the phone today with a remote site backup provider and they talked about using Volume Shadowing Service to make a fast database-aware backup. They said that in order for this to work, it ...
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