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Apache basic authentication realm not working with fastcgi

I've 2 applications running on same Apache. using fastcgi using Apache basic authentication. I hope to make app 2 skip user login if user is authenticated to app1. Can see REMOTE_USER defined after ...
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Domain user directory being created as /home/username@domain instead of /home/username

I am using an amazon linux 2023 box and i joined the instance to domain using realmd. The issue is that when i try to login with my AD credentials, the user directory is being created as /home/...
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SSH using AD credentials only works for username@[email protected] and not [email protected] [duplicate]

I built a new server using Amazon Linux 2023 and I join it to our domain avengers using realmd. I am however getting an issue where i can't login to the server with this command [email protected] but ...
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Point Realm Join command to a specific Active Directory Server under a local domain on a Linux Machine

Not sure if my title is confusing but, just wondering is there a way to point Realm Join command to a specific SRV Active Directory server that is a member ex. of mycompany.local domain? Here's my ...
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Joining AD through haproxy Ubuntu 18.04

For starters I have several Ubuntu servers successfully joined to the domain for the servers that sit in the same subnet as the DCs. However, I'm working to join a few Ubuntu machines through haproxy ...
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Ubuntu joining windows active directory issues

Im new to trying to get linux on active directory. I got the linux pc to join the domain on the controller under computers the linux pc is listed with my other windows machines. but on the linux pc I ...
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Cannot get past "realm: Couldn't join realm: Not Authoerized to perfrom this action"

- name: Add targeted machine to domain become_user: <local user> expect: command: /bin/bash -c "/usr/sbin/realm join --user={{ prompted_user }} responses: ...
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Error: KDC reply did not match expectations

I was facing issues while joining a machine to domain using below command. the server has OS as Almazon Linux 2 server which has to join to I have done all the prerequisites which are ...
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Ubuntu 18.04 Server Join Domain LDAP DNS Confusion

I have a domain setup with mixed systems. It's running Win2k16 server. Some clients are Windows and some are Linux. Most Linux clients are Ubuntu servers, in this case an 18.04. The Ubuntu 16s I have ...
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Can I disable dynamic dns update during "realm join"?

When (re-)joining an EL7 system to the AD domain, something somewhere issues a dynamic dns update for $FQDN. How can I suppress that? The sssd.conf itself is pre-populated with [domain/ad.example....
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