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Questions tagged [reconnect]

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Disable auto reconnect for remote client connections in mysql

I use below version of MYSQL in my DB server. root@XXXXXX-test-server:~# mysql -V mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.16, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using EditLine wrapper root@XXXXX-test-server:~# ...
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1 answer

Linux Azure VM disconnects

I've created a Linux VM on Azure and there is a Postgres service on it. The VM runs well, but I experience disconnects. The VM disconnects SSH sessions - they are just get broken - just like the ...
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Several short consecutive SSH connections

Imagine performing a short repetitive process, which ends by doing a short lived SSH connection to some server (e.g. transferring a newly generated file via SFTP). This means that there will be a lot ...
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W10 Client temporary authentication failure when reconnecting network drives

The customer has a W10 laptop. The laptop is member of MyDomain. The user has 20 network drives mapped onto his laptop. The server is W2016 Domain Controller. The user logs in on his laptop using his ...
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DHCP request on ethernet cable reconnect with Ubuntu 16.04 Server

I have Ubuntu 16.04 Server here. My Ethernet interface is configured to use DHCP via /etc/network/interfaces and also I enabled "allow-hotplug" for the interface. It works. I can boot without cable ...
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nftable rules get invalidated on reconnect (VDSL, ppp0)

I'm rebuilding my router using nftables on debian jessie. I have a working setup up to the moment where my ISP decides to reassign a new WAN IP by reconnecting my DSL-link. After such a reconnect the ...
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1 answer

Network Drives reappearing over and over

At the beginning we use a Startup-scipt to map 3 Network-Drives: M,Q,S using net use. (Unknown, if /persist has been used) Later, the logon script has been removed, the mapping has been relocated to ...
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Debian 7 ignores /etc/network/if-up.d on reconnect

I want my static routes to automatically be loaded on VPN reconnect. According to the wiki on Debian this can be done by placing a script in /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/ So I did, this is what it looks ...
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Windows 2003 - How to reconnect a 2 month offline domain controller

Will I have a problem if I reconnect a 2 month offline domain controller on the network?
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2 answers

3g modem dialup prevented by MSDTC corruption

We have ~50 machines which connect via a 3G modem from Option (either the Globesurfer Icon, Icon 401 or Icon 7.2) to the network, for some reason from the telco they will be dropped (signal issue, ...
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