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Ubuntu - server protection when forwarding ports via ssh

I will make a reservation, I am mediocre in Linux systems. I have several Raspbian (Client) devices that have access to the network over LTE (IP over NAT). I have my own server under Ubuntu (server). ...
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Is it safe and appropriate to remove SUID and SGID from certain system files in Debian 11 (files on the screenshot)?

The whole list of all files found with find / -perm -4000 -print and find / -perm -2000 -print commands (same) are on the screenshot. So is it an efficient and safe thing to delete SUID, SGID from all ...
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Grounding of a server rack on wheels

I have a 42HE 19” server rack which houses a bunch of equipment (UPS, PDU, server, network, ...). It has wheels so it’s easy to move and it stands on a concrete floor. The rack is out of metal and ...
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Is it safe to unplug a UPS during operation? [duplicate]

Interestingly there is no word in the manual and nothing to be found on the internet. But it seems like an obvious question: While a UPS (let’s use APC Smart-UPS 1500RM as an example) drives equipment/...
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Compiling and running untrusted code on a server

In teaching CS, students submit their code to our server and we compile and run with unit tests. Similar to Codeforces, Codewars, and HackerRank. How should we be configuring servers for this? Launch ...
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Securing Kubernetes API port

We have a Kubernetes cluster (kube-)sprayed over 4 nodes running CoreOS. Our most important services will run in this Kubernetes environment and we are trying to do everything we can to make it as ...
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Credit Card Payment on a HTTPS / SSL site via VPN: is my data safe?

Since the closest Q & A I have found about this topic doesn't quite match the focus I have in mind, I felt that a more precise question could be a helpful point of reference for me and many other ...
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Safety issue of running exe on a server

I'm pretty new to server-side stuff. The difficult situation is that we want to allow an application installed on the server to run python on the server, but the application server installation guide ...
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Smell of rotten eggs in the server room

A week ago I got the following error on my APC Smart-UPS 1000 which I muted. Warning State: Connect battery Load: 55% Batt: 100% Today, I could smell a sort of sulfur/sulphur/rotten egg smell when I ...
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Will lvm raid0 lose data after linux system crash?

We want to use lvm to build raid0 array using amazon ebs, and we are worrying about the data safety. We have known that we need to halt the vm to backup. But we still want to know what will happen ...
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How to defense a DDoS powered by end user's browser?

Like what has just experienced, what if a script provider, such as google ads, google analysis or something similar, add a malicious scripts at the end of their script, and let end users ...
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PDU wiring - is this normal (or even safe)?

I removed the side panel of our server rack so I can clean up some of the wiring. Inside I found the PDU was wired like in the picture. Instead of an incoming power cable, there's just 3 uninsulated ...
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Safest approach when designing storage server [duplicate]

We are planing cloud solution for our customers and we are really concerned with designing safest storage servers for their files. This storage won't be IO demanding, as it will contain only files ...
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Linux utility to monitor for stupid / likely ill-advised commands

sudoing adds a little bit of a roadblock to doing potentially stupid and dangerous things in the Linux shell, but it is a meager deterrent to newer Linux users. Still, many users login as root or have ...
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PHP SuHosin -- my code is already secure... is it needed?

I believe I have set up my code quite securely, it validates and cleans user input so it's safe, etc. So would I need SuHosin? (which is a security addition/patch for PHP) How does it help me if my ...
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Is carpet, or another floor covering, appropriate for a server room?

Ive requested the carpet to be removed from my server room, a disaster was almost waiting to happen air con leaked and the carpet UNDER the rack was soaked. (air con unit 0.3 meter from rear of ...
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How do I prevent accidental rm -rf /*?

I just ran rm -rf /* accidentally, but I meant rm -rf ./* (notice the star after the slash). alias rm='rm -i' and --preserve-root by default didn't save me, so are there any automatic safeguards for ...
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How to take full ownership of an IP address?

My business is... troublesome. What I do is legal in every country on earth, but some people don't like it, and make it so tough on my poor ISPs that I am forced to go looking for new providers more ...
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Can one SSD replace a pair of mirrored drives?

I have various firewall/router/utility type boxes that do not require much if any storage for their primary purpose other than booting. But I do like to be able to put a more or less standard CentOS/...
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Networking - shielded cat 5 cable and mains power

Unsure if this is the correct forum. Anyhow, we have had a network installed, using shielded cat 5 cable. This cable is in the same trunking as the mains power cable. The electrician says this is ...
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Tool to assist loading servers into a rack?

This three questions have been merged into this one. The following answers might have come from any of them, or might be a generic answer to all of them. Is there any kind of tool to assist in ...
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